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Education in India

Educational in India is still evolving from where it started after independence. India is a developing nation and is witnessing expansion in almost every sector. The development in the educational sector has brought about a transformation in all the other sectors and the country is witnessing a major modification and improvement in all avenues. Increasing literacy rates, commendable position in the business world and an authoritative say in the economic happening around the world has made India a force to reckon with.

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Historically, a typical classroom in India was characterised by the students hearing long monologues of teachers, however, with the digital revolution, the lives of teachers as well as the students is being made easy. People are now aware of the importance of education and are reaping the benefits.

Education in India

Lot of avenues have opened up in the educational system of India and there are many options for obtaining information about them. The Internet has made things faster and easier for people. We have developed an educational information portal for guiding the students across the nation in the array of educational options available for them in India. We intend to make this a one stop portal for all your needs and requirements related to education and careers in India as well as the different options available for Indian students to study and make a career abroad.

We have done in-depth research to ascertain that every aspect of education is covered and we present to you a gamut of all the career avenues along with the information related to the various entrance exams, list of colleges, career scope, and eligibility criteria pertaining to the different fields of study. Our portal wishes to aid Indian students, and also students from abroad who aspire to study here, in learning about the educational system in India. We have compiled a comprehensive list of all the schools, colleges and educational institutions, along with their contact details for your reference.

To make your search easier, we have segregated the list according to the various cities of India. We have focused our detailing to the extent of helping students in making the final call for their choice of study and college. Browsing through the portal, the students can also find information regarding the various modes of education such as distance education and part time courses.

Parents are always caught in a dilemma when choosing a perfect school for their kids. Indicareer understands this need and hence we have complied a list of all the good schools present in the various states of India. We have also mentioned about the educational structure followed by the schools in India for your reference. The confusion of parents while choosing schools for their kids is also taken care of in our section regarding the tips for choosing a school.

For students aspiring to study outside India, the portal has information about the various career avenues present at important educational destinations such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The international section provides information regarding the various universities, colleges and educational institutions present in these countries for the different educational domains. We have compiled the information regarding the visa requirements and formalities, the various examinations and certifications required for studying abroad, the scholarships that the aspiring students can avail of and also the list of university websites present in these countries.

India still has scope for improvement in various fields and with the rise in literacy rates, the future is bright for the Indian sub-continent. We intend to do our bit through our portal "Indicareer" in providing vital information about the different avenues of education in India and abroad. We hope our small contribution proves a major source for educational information in India.

We wish you good luck in your search for an educational institute of your choice and also a promising career. We also provide information on how to write a resume.

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Career Options

Career Options Following are the various career options available in india at the degree or diploma level. Also get detailed information on that specific career options.
Actuarial Science (Insurance) Advertising Biotechnology
Business Management Design Engineering
Entrepreneurship Environmental Science Financial Services
Food Services Information Technology Law
Journalism Medical Travel & Tourism Industry
Radio Jockey Video Jockey Other Career Options

Colleges & Educational Institutes in India

Colleges in India This section gives information and details about Colleges in India. Colleges are divided based on the Branch, State or City. We have also Compiled the list of Top Colleges in India.
Colleges in India
Engineering Colleges in India
Medical Colleges in India
MBA Colleges in India
Law Colleges in India
Biotechnology Colleges in India
Mass Communication Colleges in India
IT Colleges in India
College in India: By City
Colleges in Delhi
Colleges in Mumbai
Colleges in Madras
Colleges in Kolkatta
Colleges in Bangalore
Colleges in Pune
More colleges in various citites here...
Top Colleges in India
Top Engineering Colleges in India
Top MBA Colleges in India
Top 10 Colleges in India
Top Law Colleges in India
Top Medical Colleges in India
Top Commerce Colleges in India
Study Abroad

Education USA
Education - USA

Education UK
Education - UK

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Schools in India

Schools in India Finding a right school for your child is a very difficult task. Many of the parents don't even know what are the available options. Featured here are some of the resources which can help you find the right school for your children. You can find a schoold based on the state or city. You can also checkout are ranking on indian schools. So do make an informed decision in choosing the school as this is the first step in your child's life which you have to take right.

India Residential Schools Support Organisations Education Structure
Schools List Tips For Choosing School Convent Schools
KVS Schools DAV Schools DPS Schools

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