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Education in India, Career in India: Beautician

Looking for a Career Option as a Beautician ? This section features Beautician> as a career option, elaborated with reference to the job profile, personality traits required, the courses and training involved, premier institutions and future prospects.

This profession offers excellent scope for entrepreneurship. Beauticians may practice their skills in skin care, hair care, hair dressing, cosmetology, etc all at the same time, or specialize in one of these areas. Eventually, they can evolve their own formulations for skin care, hair care, etc. and market them to their clients.

Earning a good reputation from satisfied clients is very important in this profession. Beauticians may start as employees in a big beauty establishment before deciding to branch out on their own. Fully qualified beauty specialists use various types of electrical equipment/apparatus. While dealing with problems of their clients related to skin, scalp or hair they know when to deal with them on their own and when to advise their clients to see a doctor. They work to ensure the best results for their customers.

Beauticians give treatment ranging from simple make-up and facial, to massage; skin treatment such as open pores, anti-wrinkle; electric depilation; manicure; pedicure; hair styling, perming, colouring, treatment of hair problems. They also advise clients on the use of the right type of cosmetics suited to specific skin types and complexions, weather conditions, etc. and can help them to select the right hair style for their hair texture and lifestyle. Beauticians can help customers to decide on the right type of beauty treatment in the long term.

In the age of computers, beauticians have begun to use computers to demonstrate the effect or suitability of various hairstyles on clients to help them to decide upon the best 'look'. A beauty parlour or salon is run by an owner/manager with a number of assistants. Beauticians should look fresh and well groomed always even though their work keeps them on their feet the whole day.

Personality Traits

Liking for people, good health, stamina, good humour, helpful nature, friendliness, confident manner, tact, persuasive attitude, courtesy, imagination, systematic approach, cool, dry hands, an attractive well-groomed appearance, some artistic ability, dexterity and an unruffled manner help.


Polytechnics conduct diploma courses in beauty culture and hair dressing for students who have completed plus two or equivalent examinations successfully. These courses vary in duration from six months to two months. The longer duration courses are more comprehensive.

Established beauticians of national and international repute also conduct training programmes which are well recognized in the profession.

Fluency in English is a basic requirement for all these programmes. To succeed, a beautician should be able to speak well. Knowledge of the local language is also helpful. A foreign language is a great help in the bigger establishments attached to luxury hotels. Knowledge of elementary science is an asset.

The courses are divided between theory (anatomy, physiology, hygiene, some chemistry, nature of hair, hair dressing, salon organization, electrical treatment) and the practical work of giving facials, make-up, different types of massage, tinting and bleaching of hair, etc. The best professional training in this field is available in the metropolitan and major cities in the country. After initial training many interested individuals go abroad for further training.

An important aspect of this profession is that an individual's aptitude, interest and motivation are as important as, if not more than, the training programme itself.


Please click here for the list of the Beautician Institutes in India.

Placements And Prospects

The beauty business is growing in volume at a fast pace. While many beauty specialists start off with a big establishment before branching out, many prefer to start off on their own and build their own clientele. Entrepreneurs would need to put in an initial investment to set up the basic infrastructure and facilities, purchase a few essential electrical instruments and get the formalities sorted out. Since the courses of training for beauticians include salon organization this should not be difficult at all.

Knowledge of equipment and techniques has to be updated on an ongoing basis. Formulation of specialized beauty products, treatment packages, their manufacture and marketing have become important extensions of the beautician's profession in which some have been noticeably successful.

The profession is open to men and women alike. Although small, the segment of grooming specialists for men is growing very fast.

Good grooming being an essential aspect of an attractive personality, beauty/grooming specialists today constitute a much sought after breed of professionals. Beauticians command very high fees for their specialized professional services and continue to be fully booked up. Smaller towns are today proud of their own beauty salons as well.

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