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Education in India, Career in India: Communication Design

Looking for a Career Option in the Field of Communication Design ? This section features Communication Design as a career option, elaborated with reference to the job profile, personality traits required, the courses and training involved, premier institutions and future prospects.

Communication design is a specialized stream of design that is gaining visibility with the proliferation of the visual electronic media. It covers specialized disciplines that cater to television, catalogue illustration, animation filmmaking, and video programming. Graphic design or graphic, animation film design and video programming may be considered as three basic disciplines within the purview of communication design.

Graphic design or graphics includes individual skills and techniques such as photography, lettering, typography, drawing as well as overall design, for packaging (both structure and surface), and for publicity (posters, display, trade marks, logos, letterheads). It also includes TV graphics used in captioning, programme tilting and illustration. Some courses may include film and TV work as specialization areas. You need a thorough knowledge of printing processes and machinery and all of the packaging problems, methods and materials.

Animation film design deals with the technique of putting together a sequence of drawings, each slightly different from the preceding one, in such a way that when filmed and run through a projector, the figures see to move. This stream of communication design is used to make cartoon films for entertainment and advertising films. On computers animation film design is being extensively used today.

Video programming deals with video as the process of communication and the design takes care of various aspects of this major medium of communication. The video programmer takes care of everything from conceptualization, scripting, direction, editing, cinematography, audiography, etc.

Personality Traits

Communication designers must possess a vibrant imagination, creative drawing sill, interest in the social environment, prevailing tastes, needs and customs, perseverance, self confidence, the ability to visualize concepts and ideas, curiosity and exceptional talent.


Professional education and training in the field of communication design can be taken up after completion of the plus two or equivalent level of education. Entry to all the training programmes is based on the performance in the aptitude test.

Commercial art courses run by the various polytechnics all over the country are appropriate for entry into the field of graphic design. Such programmes at the polytechnics are usually of 2 yearsí of duration. Many universities /art colleges offer specialization in commercial art/graphics in their Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) programmes. National Institute of Design (NID) at Ahmedabad offers a 4 year Graduate Diploma programme with specialization in Communication Design. The details regarding admission are announced every year usually at October-November for the session of the following year. Admission to the programme is through scrutiny of application forms followed by admission tests and finally an interview/workshop at NID. While the admission test requires competence in mathematics, science, social sciences and related fields, the crucial aspect in this test is drawing skill. An important component of the admission test is devoted to the evaluation of the candidateís sketching ability, perception of space, ability to judge proportions, colour sensitivity and other aspects related to art and design.

During the course of their training the students gain hands-agency-on-experience of working on an actual project in a commercial agency or a client project at NID. This exercise helps students in branching out on their own.

Among the higher education programmes are 2 Ĺ years Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Design at NID and 2 years Master of Design at IIT, Mumbai. Admission at NIDís PG Diploma programme is through admission test usually through admission test usually in January while IIT Mumbai admits graduates into the 2 year Master of Design in Visual Communication Design through the Common Entrance Examination for Design. Bachelorís degree in Engineering (any branch), Design, Architecture or equivalent; Interior Design Professional Diploma of CEPT (5 year) ; BFA (Professional course in Applied Art/Fine Arts) ; GD Art (5 year professional course) ; Professional Diploma of NID may appear for CEED (usually in February, announced in September) for admission to Master of Design (M.Des) programme at IIT, Mumbai.

NIDís P.G. Diploma Programme in Communication Design (specialization in Graphic Design and Animation Film Design) is open to candidates with Bachelorís degree in areas such as Fine Arts/Applied Arts/Architecture/allied while specialization in Film & Video Communication is open to candidates with bachelorís degree in humanities, arts or other graduates with proven proficiency or experience in visual and communication arts. NID offers specializations such as New Media, Software & User Interface Design and Information & Digital Design under Communication Design for graduates in related disciplines.


Please click here for the list of the Communication Design Institutes in India.

Placements And Prospects

Graphic designers have tremendous scope for employment in the advertising industry, in the publishing industry; e.g. book and magazine illustrations and so on. They find placement in the packaging industry, in designing motifs for use on all of a hotelís airlines, firmís equipment from cutlery to napkins to delivery van, liveries, uniform, letterheads, etc.

The animation film designer has wide scope for employment in advertising agencies, on television, or in studios producing childrenís films, educational films/videos. The returns are lucrative whatever the area. Video programmers have never had it so good. The video has become a major medium of communication and offers a lot of scope to the freelancer.

Prospects in communication design are exceptionally bright for talented professionals who have the necessary drive. There is a lot of scope for freelancing and entrepreneurship.

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