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Education in India, Career in India: Dietician, Dietitian

Looking for a Career Option as a Dietician, Dietitian ? This section features Dietician, Dietitian as a career option, elaborated with reference to the job profile, personality traits required, the courses and training involved, premier institutions and future prospects.

A combination of clinical and nutritional expertise enables the dietician to assess each patient's dietary needs. To this knowledge base, the successful dietician must add the skill of establishing an individual rapport with each patient to enable appropriate advice to be understood and accepted. Dieticians may be based in clinical or community settings. Their patients and clients come from every age group and from all walks of life. While some dieticians choose to specialise in the treatment of, say children or people with renal disease, others continue to whose need for dietary advice may be vital, important or simply desirable.

Some very sick patients are unable to take food by mouth. Then the dietician's expertise is required to formulate an appropriate liquid feed, conditions, such as and the dietician continues to provide support and advice relevant to the patient's lifestyle. For other patients, pregnant women for example, the dietician may need to offer appropriate advice for a comparatively short time.

In the processed food industry a dietician works on the developement and improvement of food products and production methods, such as new ways of preserving foods. In this sphere dieticians work with food chemists and food technologists experimenting in food laboratories on flavour and dietetic problems.

Dietician, Dietitian may be in charge of catering in organisations of different types such as residential schools, offices and so on. They could also be staff, planning well-balanced meals and supervising their production. They may also opt for teaching in different types of educational institutions-colleges, polytechnics, or universities.

Personality Traits

Dietician, Dietitian should have interest in sound diet, an aptitude for science, organising ability, ability for teamwork, patience, a sense of responsibility, understanding of people of all ages, backgrounds, Good writing skills are also an advantage, as dieticians produce leaflets, articles and teaching packs as well as writing reports and letters, and ability to express oneself lucidly would be important for aspiring dieticians.


Courses in Dietetics are

With a few expections, dietetics is studied only after a bachelor's degree in any one of the following disciplines: home science, medicine, science (with chemistry, microbiology), hotel manegement and catering. Some universities offer postgraduate diploma courses in dietetics. Subjects taught in dietetics include chemestry, physics, nutrition and physiology. Dietician may be taken up as a spcialisation in home science at the Master's degree level in many universities in the country. Delhi university, university of Mumbai / Madras also offer nutrition / health and nutrition as subjects at bachelor's degree level.


Training is a mixture of theory and practice. Academic subjects studied include human nutrition and dietetics, food and catering studies, sociology and psychology, biochemistry physiology, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology and medicine. Just as important, you will acquire interviewing and communication skills, and study management to equip you for the responsibility you will have as a qualified dietician. During training all students spend 31 weeks in a clinical practical placement in the NHS, applying their theory in a health care setting under the supervision of qualified staff. When you have qualified, in order to practise in the NHS as a State Registered Dietician, you must register with the Dieticians Board of the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine.


Please click here for the list of the Dietetics Institutes in India.

Placements And Prospects

Dietician find jobs in hotels, hospitals, in the processed food industry, and in teaching. The prospects are good in all the fields except in teaching where opening are comparatively restrictes.

The most lucrative prospects are in the field of private enterprise keeping in view the present trend for health food. Residential schools, Railways, and airlines also employ dieticians to run and / or supervise their catering services and look after their nutritional needs. Openings for the trained dietician today are varied and the future looks even brighter.

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