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Education in India, Career in India: Fine Art

Looking for a Career Option in the Field of Fine Arts ? This section features Fine Arts as a career option, elaborated with reference to the job profile, personality traits required, the courses and training involved, premier institutions and future prospects.

Fine Arts focus on painting, Sculpting, applied art, graphic intrrior design, mural design, mental craft, ceramic design, and pottery-in its various specializations. The field has wide applications in the job market in the present times. A small number of artists are talented enough and have the right type of professional contacts to be able to make a living by painting and sculpting alone. Art as a therapeutic treatment for mentally disturbed persons is sometimes a part of psychiatric social work.

Personality Traits

Artists should have creative talent, self confidence and perseverance plus an awareness of, and interest in the social environment and community needs, tastes, and customs are useful attributes for artists.

In the business environment, artists should have the ability to work as one of team, to take responsibility as well as criticism, to appreciate economic constraints of clients, to communicate with clients and employers who commission art work without being interested in art themselves, and take interest in all types of assignments.


Training in fine arts is usually available in BFA programme which is conducted by more than fifty universities in their colleges. The BFA programme is usually of four to five years duration and may be taken up after successful completion of plus 2 or equivalent examination..

Further professional study in fine arts may be pursued in the form of a master's degree programme (MFA), usually of two year duration. MFA course is open to BFA graduates. BFA degree holders are also eligible to pursue postgraduate diploma programme at National Institute of Design (NID) at Ahmedabad.

Courses in Fine Arts are


  • B.A (Hons) Dance
  • B.A Dance
  • BFA in Dance
  • Certificate Course in Dance
  • Certificate course in Music and Dance
  • Courses in Kathak
  • Diploma in Dance
  • M.A Dance
  • MFA in Dance
  • U.G. Diploma Course in Music and Dance
  • B.A Painting
  • BFA in Painting
  • Diploma in Painting
  • MFA in Painting
  • U.G. Diploma Course in Painting
  • B.A Sculpture
  • BFA in Sculpture
  • Diploma in Sculpture
  • U.G Diploma Course in Sculpture
  • U.G. Diploma Course in Fine Arts
  • Course in Drama
  • B.A (Hons) Music
  • B.A (Visual Art/Music/Dance and Drama)
  • B.A Music
  • BA in Tabla
  • BFA in Sitar
  • BFA in Tabla
  • Certificate course in Music
  • Certificate course in Music and Dance
  • Certificate course in Music Appreciation and Music
  • Degree in Music
  • Diploma in Music
  • Diploma in Sitar
  • Diploma in Tabla
  • Diploma Proficiency course in Music
  • M.A Music
  • M.Phil in Music
  • Ph.D in Music
  • U.G. Diploma Course in Music and Dance
  • Private Dance and Music Schools


Please click here for the list of the Fine Art Institutes in India.

Placements And Prospects

Professionals in fine arts have many avenues open to them depending on their talent, personality and perseverance. Advertising agencies employ fine arts graduates in their creative department as visualizers with good remuneration. The textile industry needs the skill of art professionals to create new designs, keeping in mind emerging tastes and fashions. The electronic media, films and theatre productions require newly designed sets all the time for their studios and artists may find a niche there.

The publishing industry which is on the upswing in the country is also employer of skilled artists to design the jackets of new books and also to illustrate them. Graphic arts specialists help out in typography. Artists may design stamps for postal departments and also travel brouchures for transport and tourism industry. Teaching, becoming an art critic, writing on art and art therapy and other avenues of remunerative employment for artists.

Prospects of rise and success in the field of fine arts depend on the individuals talent, motivation, interest, awareness of market for their creativity, experience and exposure. Being at right place at right time may change the course of an artist's career.

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