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Education in India, Career in India: Home Science

Looking for a Career Option in the Field of Home Science ? This section features Home Science as a career option, elaborated with reference to the job profile, personality traits required, the courses and training involved, premier institutions and future prospects.

Home Science is both a science and an art related to modern housekeeping. It is a field of study which draws upon many disciplines such as chemistry, physics, physiology, biology, hygiene, economics, rural development, child development, sociology and family relations, community living, art, food, nutrition, clothing, textiles and home management.

The science is aimed at achieving and maintaining the welfare and well being of home and family life in an ever changing society. Home management requires skill and scientific knowledge which does not limit itself to activities within the home but also forms the basis of a challenging profession

Personality Traits

The subject is largely scientific in nature and hence requires an analytical mind and scientific acumen. A practical approach, aesthetic, creative and rational attitude will be required to be in this field


Home Science can be taken up as a subject at the plus two stage. Specialisation can commence at the graduation level when the three-year B.Sc.(Home Science) courses are available at many of the universities in the country and at some of the agricultural universities too. After successful completion of the B.Sc. degree course it is possible to continue further with the 2-year M.Sc.(Home Science) course.


After XII(PCB) with optional subject as home science, admission is granted to Honours courses at the graduate level in the subject.

After XII (any subject with Home science as an optional subject) Admission to graduate degree pass course in home science.

Graduates can pursue post graduation (M Sc) and opt for specialisation. There are separate courses in various branches of home science which include food, nutrition and dietetics, rural community extension, child development, family relation, textiles and clothing, home management, home science education and extension


Please click here for the list of the Home Science Institutes in India.

Placements And Prospects

Education in home science can lead to executive cadre placements in industry (hospitality, catering, food), in teaching or in research, production or service. Teaching is only opened to postgraduates in the discipline.

Private consultancy services in the wide field of this discipline can be very lucrative. To be successful in self employement it is essential to update oneself on the applications of the discipline and anticipate emerging demands.

The study of Home Science offers openings for careers related to

  1. Production :

    Dress making, food preservation, specialise in cooking, textile designing, fashion designing and dress manufacturing, or work in production unit of the food industry and hotels.

  2. Technical jobs :

    These include jobs of research assistants, food analysts, demonstrators, food scientists etc.

  3. Teaching jobs :

    B Sc Home Science is a recognised qualification for a pre-primary and primary school teacher. Home science post graduates also take up teaching assignments in senior secondary schools and home science colleges.

  4. Sales jobs :

    Sales promotion jobs of food products, baby foods, ready to cook foodstuffs and garments are open to Home Science graduates.

  5. Service jobs :

    Supervision and maintenance of house keeping departments of hotels, tourist resorts, catering units, fast food joints etc. are some service options.

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