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Education in India, Career in India: Hotel Management

Looking for a Career Option in the Field of Hotel Management ? This section features Hotel Management as a career option, elaborated with reference to the job profile, personality traits required, the courses and training involved, premier institutions and future prospects.

In any country, the hospitality industry is inextricably linked with its overall economic prosperity and resourcefulness. In other words the developmental level of the hospitality industry could well be considered the index of its all round growth. Trade and commerce too would be unable to thrive were there not adequate facilities and provisions for the overseas traders and business people.

Hospitality industry is also directly proportionate to the inbound tourism to any particular country. The various countries of the world like India, China, Mexico and Iraq, that were the seats of ancient civilizations, are till date the most favourite destinations of the tourists from all corners of the globe.

Hence both these industries have vast potentials for developing both tourism and hospitality industries. In this era of increasing globalisation, hospitality industry or hotel management is assuming greater significance and fast evolving as a lucrative career option

Personality Traits

Hotel management demands a friendly, helpful, outgoing personality, ability to take responsibility and to work well with others. Interest in people of all backgrounds, creativity, flair, tact, a methodical approach, organising and administrative ability, a certain amount of manual dexterity and visual imagination, physical stamina and good health to withstand irregular hours of work are equally important traits. A temperament which remains unruffled in inevitable crises, a good memory for faces(as regular gustes appreciate recognition), cosiderable self confidence, an eye for detail, practicality,


Hotel Management courses are usually of three-year duration leading to the grant of a diploma / degree but some degree courses are also of four years duration.

Hotel Management courses at all institutes offer a blend of therotical and practical training. Students are given hands-on training in running of a hotel so that they can apply their tgeoretical learning to real-life situations and learn how to improve adapt.

Courses in Hotel Management are

  • BHM - Bachelor of Hotel Management
  • DHM - Diploma in Hotel Management
  • BHMCT - Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  • DHMCT - Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  • PGDHM - Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management


The individual must be at least a graduate preferably in commerce.


Please click here for the list of the Hotel Management Institutes in India.

Placements And Prospects

Students graduating from established institutes of hotel management can join the railways, airlines, shipping lines in their catering services, or the defence sector. The industrial canteens absorb some hotel management professionals. A few proceed to pursue postgraduate studies in hotel management and opt for teaching jobs. Hospitals and other institutions also engage hotel management professionals.

The main areas of work in a hotel are as follows

  1. General Operations: The main responsibilities of this department include supervision, co-ordination and administration of all other departments as well as overall financial control.

  2. Front Office: It is the centre of all activities. Major tasks performed here include: providing information, making room reservations and taking care of check-ins and check-outs, besides the duties performed by the Personnel Department of any company.

  3. Sales & Marketing: This department keeps in touch with travel agents and tour operators as well as other potential corporate clients in order to sell hotel facilities. This department also normally handles Advertising and Public Relations.

  4. Food & Beverage: This department is the hub of the hotel industry and is responsible for all the food that is prepared and served in the hotel.

  5. House Keeping: The main function of the housekeeping department is to make sure that all rooms are kept in order and all the needs of the guests are met.


The emoluments vary between the different organizations which employ them. Minimum monthly emoluments are approximately Rs. 7500-Rs 10000 depending upon factors such as the category of employing hotel, institute from where the student graduated, city of location, etc.

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