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India Schools : Rajkumar College, Rajkot

Founded in 1868 by the Rulers of Kathiawar, The Rajkumar College - the oldest of Colleges founded for the education of the princely order. The institution began to function in 1870 and became a Public School in 1938.

School Overview

School Campus

The institution occupies an estate of some 25 acres, now centrally situated in Rajkot, its wide-ranging facilities largely housed in its early gifted Indo-Gothic buildings, and in others added in more recent year, most notably the extensive ‘Jam Shri Digvijaysinhji Wing’, completing the west side of the quadrangle and beyond munificently donated in 1973 by Rajmata Gulabkunverba of Nawangar in memory of the late Maharaja Jam Saheb, college president for 25 years, which has been an immense asset in the college’s development on modern lines.

The campus houses a delightfully appointed library, modern science and electronics laboratories and computer centre, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a residential area, a dining hall and a hospital. The college has well-stocked library with reading material suited for varying ages and standards.

Teaching Staff

The college has a cosmopolitan teaching and administrative staff.


The college provides boys with an all-round education and prepares them for the examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi; the All India Secondary School (Std. 10) and the All India Senior School Certificate (Std. 12 Science & Commerce) Examinations.



Fee Structure

FormsAnnual Fees (Rs.)Pocket Money (Rs.)
Adj to 8 48,000/- + 450/- To be paid in two installments
9 & 10 52,800/- + 900/- To be paid in two installments
11 & 12 54,800/- + 900/- To be paid in two installments

Other Fees

Caution Money 10,000/- (Totally refundable)
Initial Deposit for Clothing 4,000/- (Accountable)
Imprest Deposit 5,000/- (Balance refundable)
Entrance Fee 2,500/- (One Time)
Contribution to IPSC Scholarship Trust 200/- (One Time)

* Fees subject to change. Please check with the school for current changes.


The boys are normally admitted between the ages of seven complete and twelve - the majority of admissions being granted to younger boys. Boys over eight years of age are required to appear for an entrance examination and all boys are required to undergo a medical test prior to admission.

Application for admission be made to the Principal on the prescribed form, together with a registration fee of Rs. 500/-. An entrance fee of Rs. 1000/- will be payable at the time of admission of a boy to cover administrative and related expenses.

School Academics


In addition to Government of India Merit Scholars, there is provision for the most underprivileged sections of society including the son of a scheduled caste member of its own domestic staff. The college has been in the forefront of the formation of the Indian Public Schools’ Conference Merit Scholarship Trust.


Good facilities and a carefully planned programme for physical education includes age wise coaching for all major games as well as athletics and swimming. A uniquely designed Cricket School provides specialised coaching for all ages. All senior boys serve a period in the National Cadet Corps.

Other games offered are hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, gymnastics, water-polo, athletics and shooting.


A carefully planned system of progress and assessment exists. All students receive weekly computer classes for advanced work and preparing for public examination.

Extra Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities offered by the school include dramatics, recitations, lecturettes, public speaking, art, metal work, science projects, environmental awareness, gardening, social service, folk-dancing, yoga, trekking and archaeology.

Educational visits are arranged in conjunction with these activities. Music is taught by well-experienced performing artists specialising in tabla, sitar, harmonium, flute and vocal music.

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