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India Schools : Labour India Gurukulam Public School, Kottayam

Here, in Labour India Gurukulam, we follow it with certain difference: Our Gurukulam is constructed at a small distance from the school, neither too far, nor too close. We have cottage system having all the facilities.

Environment is similar to an ashrama but facilities are there to satisfy each and every kind of individual. While modern facilities like internet, multimedia, etc. are provided, we rear goats, do little bit of farming too. It is a community in itself, in full and real sense with a corporate spirit, corporate activities, a corporate pride and a common will. Another boon of this life is that Gurukulam contains a variety of students of different ages coming from different countries, culture and backgrounds, which is not found in a family.

One teacher deals with only five or six students in order to provide maximum individual attention. It helps develops good study habit that grooms the child as he grows to take responsibility of his own learning. Learning opportunities are created in such a way that it meets the needs of the learner and gradually increases his levels of maturity.

School Overview

School Campus

The campus of Labour India Public School & Junior College is situated at a calm and serene atmosphere spread over 25 acres on Labour India Hills near Marangattupilly, Kottayam Dist., Kerala, S. India

Teaching Staff

The Gurukulam is where the ‘guru’ stays with the ‘sishyas’. The ‘guru’ is always there, not as dictator, but as a guide, friend, facilitator and parent. In a friendly and homely atmosphere, the ‘sishyas’ are encouraged to discover themselves and understand their real potential. They are encouraged to do everything on their own, to attempt new things, to discover new worlds, to learn from nature, to share everything generously and to lead a value based life. The guru- sishya ratio is 1:10.


Students from all over the World Study at Gurukulam.


Affiliated to C.B.S.E, New Delhi



For classes 8-12 INR 40,000 per annum
For classes 4-7 INR 35,000 per annum
For classes LKG-4 INR 30,000 per annum


A pupil who comes from a recognized school must produce the Transfer certificate, and in the case of a pupil coming from the school outside the state of Kerala or outside the country the Transfer Certificate must be countersigned by the Inspector of schools of that area/Indian consulate in that country.

There is no Admission Test and eligible students from regional medium schools are also admitted and given special coaching to improve their standard of English. The above parameters of admission are as per the rules and regulations of C.B.S.E. Parents/Guardians seeking admission for their children/wards shall apply for the prospectus.

School Academics


Scholarships are offered to students with weak financial background by the Labour India Educational Society.


The first is a must for the existence of the second. Because of this, the Gurukulam system gives great importance to sports and recreation. Labour India Sports School was started to encourage young sports talents, who, if given the best opportunities can reach international and Olympic levels of achievement.

International quality infrastructural facilities for athletics, volleyball, football, basketball etc. are available at the school. Indian Olympics Academy was recently inaugurated. A Swimming Pool, Gymnasium and Archery coaching centre are nearing completion. Several national and state level CBSE sports events have already been conducted here. Ample recreation facilities are also available.


100% in AISSE, AISSCE for the last 4 years

Extra Curricular Activities

What one does not expect or see in the traditional educational system, one finds here. Along with intelligence quotient emotional and spiritual quotients play a vital role in shaping the character of the students. The hands that operate the computer reach out to feed the hungry too.

The minds that wrestle with mathematical equations wander also into the world of the have - nots. Here is an example where teachers with commitment and dedication win over the hearts and minds of the students. The ideal ‘guru-sishya’ relationship makes punishments unnecessary. Ultimately all are winners-the students, the teachers, the parents, the institution, the system, the society and the world at large.

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