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India Schools : Sainik School, Amravatinagar

The concept of Sainik Schools originated with Mr. Krishna Menon, who was our Defence Minister in the early sixties. Mr. Menon felt that a school with rudiments of a military way of life in each state of our country, could go a long way in building up an infrastructure for intake into the NDA. Thus sainik schools came into being in each state. This school is one of the 18 Sainik Schools of the country. It came into being on 16th July 1962.

School Overview

School Campus

Sainik School, Amaravathinagar stands majestically sprawled amidst nature’s beauty. The main school building is a modern structure with an auditorium. It houses the class rooms, well equipped laboratories, a language lab, where students get an opportunity to exploit their talents. A well-stocked library has a collection of more than fifteen thousand books. The administrative block houses the computer section with local area network installed, multimedia machines, laser printer, colour inkjet printer and dot matrix printer. A craft section, and the preparatory school; the Hobbies Clubs provide the boys immense satisfaction. Some of the clubs are Aero-modelling, Photography, and the Dramatics club. The school infirmary has provision for 10 beds in the general ward and one isolation ward. The boys mess provides balanced food for its students. The mess committee regularly meets to ensure the smooth functioning of the mess. The cadets are housed in the boys dormitories. This provides healthy rivalry in academics, sports and other recreational activities. Four guest suites are available to parents on a nominal rent. A cafeteria run by the school provides refreshments for the boys at concessional rates.


The cadets are housed in the boys dormitories. Picnics and hikes are organized to give the boys a chance to study nature and develop a love for adventure. The school sends a few selected boys on rock climbing and adventure courses. 67% of the seats are reserved for boys from Tamil Nadu. The shortfall, if any and the remaining seats are open to boys from other states and union territories. 25% seats are reserved for children of service personnel (including Officers & Ex- servicemen and other ranks) subject to a maximum of 36 full scholarships per sainik school. 15% and 7 1/2% of the total vacancies are reserved for Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes respectively. There are approximately 90 seats for Class VI and 20 seats for Class IX.


Affiliated to the Central Board Of Secondary Education, New Delhi, the school prepares boys for All India Secondary School and All India Senior School Certificate Examinations. The school prepares boys for the Union Public Service Commission Examination for admission to the NDA.



The school fees due from a student are Rs. 14000/- per annum, subject to revision by the Board Of Governors. The parents are required to pay a fine for late fee payment. Fees should be sent by means of Demand Draft only, drawn in favour of the Principal. The full fee paying students, half scholarship, quarter scholarship and Defence scholarship holders are to pay clothing Fees @ Rs. 1000/- for the first year and @ Rs. 500/- per annum for each of the subsequent years at the beginning of each year. General candidates are to pay caution money of Rs. 1000/- at the time of admission. SC/ST boys are to pay only Rs. 500/-. The deposit is refundable after deducting dues if any. All parents are to remit the pocket money to the school as intimated. The actual expenses incurred by the boy will be debited against the Pocket Money account and the un-spent balance, if any, will be carried forward to the next year’s pocket money. All other expenditure incurred by the boy which are not provided by the parent will be charged from the pocket money account.


Class VI boys seeking admission should have completed 10 years of age but not completed 11 years as on 1st July of the year of admission. He should not have earlier appeared for the Sainik School Entrance Examination from any other centre in India. Class IX boys seeking admission should have completed 13 years of age but not completed 14 years as on 1st July of the year of admission. The boys seeking admission to Class IX should be studying in Class VIII in a recognized school. He should not have earlier appeared for Sainik School Entrance Examination for Class IX from any other centre in India. The medium of examination for both Class VI and Class IX will be English.

School Academics


The Govt. of Tamil Nadu has instituted a liberal scholarship scheme for the award of scholarships to deserving students of Tamil Nadu.

  1. The 50 Merit Scholarships awarded on the basis of merit shall be tenable for the entire period of study of the boys in the school; the continuance of the grant of scholarship to the boys every year shall be subject to the condition that they perform well in their studies.
  2. The scholarship will be awarded on merit on the basis of the All India level Entrance Examination in Sainik School, Amaravathinagar, irrespective of the parental income. The benefit will go only to the Tamil Nadu domiciled boys.
  3. The scheme of “merit scholarship” is reviewed by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu every two years. If the boy wishes to continue to enjoy the scholarship, it can be done so, subject to satisfactory conduct and steady progress.
  4. The scholarship is liable to be cancelled in case of failure to secure the minimum marks prescribed. Then parents are liable to pay full fees for their son for the subsequent years.


Promotions are made after carefully considering the boy’s performance. The minimum standard for promotion to the next class is 40% marks in each subject and 50% marks in the aggregate. One failure is allowed during the “Orientation Period”. (Either in Class VI or Class VII).

Being a sainik school, it is imperative that stress is laid down on proficiency in games and physical fitness. Participation in physical activities is compulsory. The school has 24 play fields, one tennis court, and 4 basketball courts. Organized physical activities especially team games are regarded by the school as of great educational value. The boys have facility to learn swimming, boxing, athletics and gymnastics.

Extra Curricular Activities

The school has various extra curricular activities. These activities are conducted on every Wednesday as Hobby Club activities.

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