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India Schools : Gobind Ram Kataruka DAV Public School

Enterprising Katarukas migrated from Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan) to Purulia as the earliest settlers. The Late Sri Gobind Ram pioneered many projects of social nature with the spread of education as the cause most dear to him. His son Shri Basu Deb Kataruka continued the mission.

School Overview

School Campus

The school was started in June 1989. It has an imposing edifice having no less than 30 classrooms along with activity rooms including a common room, club room, reading room and a visitors room. Being a residential school it has a large spacious guest house and a 16 bed M.I. room. It has 12 large dormitories for students. Family and single room accommodation for teaching and non teaching staff is available.


The academic instruction imparted at the school is designed to prepare the students for All India Secondary School Certificate Examination (Class X) and All India Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII) of 10+ 2 pattern, both conducted by the Central Board Of Secondary Education, New Delhi. NCERT books and syllabi, prescribed by the C.B.S.E. are followed for all classes.



BoardersDay Scholars
School Fees P.A Rs. 16000
Refundable Security Rs. 6000
Admission Fee Rs. 500
Examination Fee Rs. 100
Magazine Fee P.A. Rs. 100
Pocket Money Deposit Rs. 1000
Text Books etc. Deposit Rs. 1000
Uniform Deposit Rs. 1000
Transport N.A.
School Fees P.A Rs. 7200
Refundable Security Rs. 3000
Admission Fee Rs. 500
Examination Fee Rs. 100
Magazine Fee P.A. Rs. 100
Pocket Money Deposit N.A.
Text Books etc. Deposit Rs. 1000
Uniform Deposit Rs. 1000
Transport Rs. 1200


Admissions are primarily settled in mid February every year. Admission forms along with the prospectus are obtainable from the school office in Purulia on payment. Admission Forms must be filled in and submitted along with the birth certificate of the student. The school session starts in April. The students are normally admitted to Class IV. Admissions to other classes are subject to vacancies. Admission is given on the basis of an admission test held on the second Sunday of February every year.

School Academics


For encouraging the meritorious cum needy children to receive good education, the school grants a number of stipends and scholarships on the basis of merit. Talented children from the weaker sections of the society are admitted by giving them scholarships. Such scholarships are limited to 5% of the total strength of the school.


The school holds two terminal tests and one final examination in the month of March every year. Promotion to the higher classes is given on the basis of cumulative performance of the student. Parents are kept well informed of the academic progress of their wards.


The school campus has vast play fields for all out-door games. Apart from compulsory participation in games and P.T. physical instructors guide and train the students for various sports like football, cricket, volleyball, basketball, lawn tennis, kho-kho and athletics. The school has a spacious multipurpose gym for all kinds of indoor games. Ample opportunities are offered to every child to engage himself in co-curricular activities.

Extra Curricular Activities

Arts & crafts, photography, music & dance, drama, debates and public speaking, Hobby Clubs, SUPW, educational excursions, school magazine with compulsory periods for Library & Reading Room. etc.

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