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India Schools : Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandir, Belur Math

Swami Vivekanand wanted to rehabilitate the past glories of our motherland through education and hold aloft the Indian ideals of devotion, wisdom and morality. With Swamiji’s comprehensive scheme of education, the authorities founded the Mission Vidyamandir in 1941 under the auspices of the Saradapitha - a branch of the Ramakrishna Mission. Though originally it was an Intermediate Arts College, it received affiliation in some commerce subjects in 1945. The Vidyamandir was upgraded into a three-year degree college in July 1960. A Higher Secondary Section (Classes XI and XII) was added in September , 1978.

School Overview

School Campus

The Vidyamandir is located close to the Ramakrishna Mission at Belur. There are five hostels under the charge of the superintendent. The college has a separate library complex which is well stocked with books. Personal computers have been installed in a well equipped and furnished room.


Resident superintendents who are members of the Ramakrishna Order are in charge of the hostels. They are responsible for imparting discipline under the supervision and guidance of the Principal.



Admission fee of Rs. 2000/- and fees for the terms are to be paid at the Vidyashram, at the time of admission.


Fresh students passing the Higher Secondary Examination (Plus Two) of the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (or its equivalent examination) may apply for admission to the Ist year class of the degree course. Fresh students passing the Madhyamik Examination of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (or its equivalent examination) may apply for admission to Class XI of the higher secondary course. Only a limited number of students who aim not only at academic excellence but simultaneously aspire to build up their lives on such moral virtues as truthfulness, honesty, devotion to duty, self reliance and industry are generally granted admission in this residential college. To qualify both in the academic test and in the interview by the Board of Superintendents headed by the Principal is essential for admission.

School Academics


A limited number of free seats and stipends are granted to poor and meritorious students subject to the following conditions:

  1. The boys, who receive scholarships and stipends from any other sources must surrender them in full to the college. If however, the amount of the scholarships and stipends exceeds the amount awarded by the college, the surplus will be refunded to the boy.
  2. The concession granted by the college may be reduced or cancelled altogether if the general conduct of the boy or his progress in studies is not satisfactory.
  3. Any free seat/stipend holder leaving the college without completion of the course of study will be liable to refund the amount of money spent on him by the Vidyamandir towards meeting his college and hostel charges.
  4. Income certificate of the guardian from the appropriate authority is to be submitted.


Each session is split up into suitable terms. Promotion to the higher class and sending the candidates for the university/ council examination depends on the results of class tests. A student’s general conduct, regularity and punctuality in classes as well as in the hostel is considered before allowing him to stay on in the institution. A student who fails or has not appeared in the Annual Test or University Examination or fails to attain the required percentage of attendance, forfeits the privilege of continuing his studies.


There are arrangements for football, volleyball, cricket, gymnastics and other games. In addition to these, the boys play indoor games. A separate unit of the Senior N.C.C. is in existence. Periodic camp life forms a part of the N.C.C. training.

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