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Education in India, Career in India: Indian Army

Looking for a Career Option as a Indian Army ? This section features indian army as a career option, elaborated with reference to the job profile, personality traits required, the courses and training involved, premier institutions and future prospects.

One of the largest in the world is the Indian Army with the history of several hundred of the years. At the time of British period, Military department is same as that of current Defence Ministry but most of the senior positions are occupied by the British. After the Independence that is on 14th January 1949, the first Commander-in-Chief of India was General KM Cariappa which then became Field Marshal. The headquarters of army placed in the Sena Bhavan and the portions of south block of Red fort in the Delhi.

For the young adventurous candidates, Armed Forces offer great opportunities of the career. This career gives a privileged lifestyle, immense facilities, and the respect in serving the country. Scarifies, ideal of service, patriotism and composite culture of the country are characterized by the Armed Forces. The Armys basic duty is to defend the territorial integrity of nation against the external attack.

Fighting Forces and Support Services are the two main categories of the armed forces. The armoured corps, signals, artillery, infantry and the engineering are included in the Fighting Force while the mechanical and electronics engineering, medical corps, ordinance corps, education and intelligence are included in the Support Services.

The Army is divided in the one training command and 6 operational commands that is field armies and each command is under the General Officer and they work under the control of HQ of Army in New Delhi.

In the five regional commands, the Indian Army commands are characterized as given below:

  • HQ Central Command, Lucknow
  • HQ Northern Command, Udhampur
  • HQ Eastern Command, Calcutta
  • HQ Southern Command, Pune
  • HQ Western Command, Chandimandir


This one is an optional career also called as short service commissions. This gives alternatives for the army joining or does the service as officer of commissioned for 5 years. The short service of the commission is available for those that are not particular about the particular position in force. The short service of the commission is open for the women also.

Academy of the Officers Training:

For these short service commissions, the technical graduates are qualifies by the SSbs for attending the Officer's training Academy (OTA) in Chennai, after the medical tests for the 10 month of course. Age group for the candidate should be 19 to 24. In May, October or November, the course may be started so candidates have to apply to the ads published in March or April and October/November.

Special Entry Scheme for the Women:

The women are generally recruits in the support services as officers of the medical and the nurses. The officers of WSES may offers technical, specialist and non technical, entry for the unmarried females or divorcee or the issueless widow candidates having age 19- 27 and having the degree B.Com, B A, B Sc in maths, chemistry and physics and maths and the BCS with aggregate 60 percent minimum marks.

For the Technical Entry candidate should be B Tech, BE, or relevant higher courses in the electrical, civil, mechanical, electronics, telecommunication, computer science, and the architecture is required. Following conditions should be required for the candidates:

  • B Sc Graduate with minimum 1 year of the diploma in the computer science
  • B E in remote sensing
  • Graduate with the minimum of 1 of the year of diploma in journalism or communication or public relations or in psychology
  • Post Graduate degree in computer science, English, earth science, geography, maths, computer applications, physics, zoology, botany, organic chemistry, biochemistry or in the statistics.

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