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Education in India, Career in India: Interior Design

Seeking career options in the field of Interior Designing?This section underlines Interior Designing as an excellent avenue with thorough information regarding the job profile, criteria determining the eligibility of the candidate, the courses and training involved, renowned interior designing institutes in India and future prospects for this career option.

Interior designing is a multi-faceted profession giving a call for one’s creative as well as technical faculties. Often confused with interior decoration, interior design is the process of building the interior space experience. In addition to traditional decoration, it involves aspects like architecture, environmental psychology and product design.

The one who designs the interiors professionally for the achievement of a built interior environment is known an interior designer. His work involves a systematic process of analysis of programmatic information, establishment of conceptual direction, refinement of the design direction and production of graphic communication and construction documents. In a nutshell, an interior designer lends meaning to the space and makes it a place worth living.

An interior designer should understand the requirements and priorities of the client and then finalize the design documents, diagrams and drawings based on the customer needs.

(S)He has to be very particular about the selection of colors, designing materials and finishes so that the designing concept could be put into practice with utmost precision.

Furthermore (s)he has to take into consideration the socio-economical requirements and the safety precautions while designing the interiors.

An interior designer is the one who specifies the furniture, fixtures and other equipments going with the design concept.

Preparing the contract documentations and construction documents alongwith the provision of project management services, too come under the job profile of an interior designer.

Interior Designing, Interior Decoration, Theatre and Set Designing, Exhibition Designing, etc are some of the areas of specialization in this field.

Over the years, Interior Designing as a profession has earned considerable respect all across the world; India, too, is not an exception. The ever-increasing demand of more working space and the realization of the requirement of professional hands for that have opened new avenues for Interior Designers.

Personality Traits

  • Creativity, visual sensitivity, flight of imagination and good sense of aesthetics are the major requirements for the field of Interior Designing.
  • Those who are interested in this profession must keep abreast with the latest updates of styles and tastes and customer requirements if they want to make a mark in this ever-growing, ever-changing field.
  • A deft hand at drawing and sketching and a good sense of decoration and lighting are the keys to success.
  • Good communication skills will make pots of money in this field making an impact on the customer with novel designing ideas.


There are both degree and diploma courses in interior design available at undergraduate level in India. The duration varies from 1 to 5 years. In addition to that, many renowned institutes and universities in the country offer some Advanced as well as short-term Certificate courses.


10+2 preferably in Science faculty (PCM) with minimum of 60% marks and a flair for drawing and sketching is the eligibility criterion for those who seek admission in any of the institutes in India offering courses in Interior Designing.

Most of the universities and institutes conduct an entrance test before the admission procedure. The syllabi for the above-mentioned courses deal both with the theoretical as well as practical aspects of Interior Designing.


For the detailed information click the below link,

Institutes of Interior Design in India

Placements And Prospects

An interior designer can join any established Interior Designing firm. (S)He can work under an architect or a consultant. (S)He can also work as a design consultant for hotels, hospitals, malls, offices, etc. Builders and constructors, too, need services form Interior Designers. Designers can also work for Shopping Arcades and furniture stores. They can prove to be a great help in set designing for TV serials and films.


Exceptional talent gets handsome rewards in this field. Compensation package for an Interior Designer varies as per the specializations and work experience. Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000 is what a beginner can earn monthly. As (s)he gathers more and more experience, (s)he can expect a monthly compensation of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 75,000. All in all, the profession is a highly rewarding one for deft hands.

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