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Education in India, Career in India: Plastics and Polymers

Looking for a Career Options in the Field of Plastics and Polymers ? This section features Plastics and Polymers as a career option,s elaborated with reference to the job profile, personality traits required, the courses and training involved, premier institutions and future prospects.

Throughout the world, the plastic and polymer industry has emerged as a major sector of growth. Demands from a variety of industries such as the transport sector, agricultural, household appliances and goods, packaging, electric and telecommunication sectors have enhanced research,production and hence created employment in all sections of the industry. Plastic waste management industry has emerged as a parallel option for work. Opportunities for work exist in technological applications, research, production and marketing with industries which use these materials

Polymer (plastics and rubbers) are the modern materials of today and tomorrow's world. They are used extensively in all products and those designing future products need to be aware of their full potential. Polymers have become an essential part of everyday life and are used extensively in a wide range of applications, from medical appliances and sporting and electrical goods to construction and DIY products. The process of designing, developing and manufacturing articles from polymers is known as polymer engineering. The field of polymer engineering is expanding daily as new products are launched or re-designed, for example, the latest car and aircraft designs.

Therefore there are many job opportunities for those with qualifications in polymer engineering. Many senior people in the world's plastics and rubber industries are alumni from the university. The centre also has many links with institutes throughout the world.

Personality Traits

One should

  • have some knowledge of working safely with machines
  • have some scientific knowledge and understanding
  • be able to concentrate for long periods and pay attention to detail
  • be able to work quickly and steadily on repetitive tasks
  • have numeracy skills in order to measure and mix quantities of raw materials
  • be physically fit and have good vision for checking quality.


Class XII (PCM):BE course in Chemical / Polymer Engineering

  1. B. Sc. course in Chemistry / BE course in Chemical / Polymer Engineering can be followed by a B. Tech / diploma in Polymer / Plastic Technology.
  2. M.Tech / M Sc courses in Plastic / Polymer technology. GATE examination has to be cleared for admission to post graduate courses


Please click here for the list of the Plastics And Polymer Institutes in India.

Placements And Prospects

Plastic has become part and parcel of our life. Plastic has brought luxury and convenience in our life. Today our day begins with plastic and terminates with it too. Tooth bursh, buckets, Radiobody, electricity switch, telephone receiver etc are made of plastic. Plastic is increasingly being used as a substitute to materials like rubber, wood, glass and paper in packaging industry and metals in other industries.

There has been a consistent rise in the demand of plastic due to its price, versatility, variety and durability.In fact today after steel, plastic is the most widely used material.We all have accepted it globally due to its low costs and durability.

Plastics comprise a family of materials. Through the process of polymerisation plastic is created. Thus it is known as polymer. The products that can be manufactured using plastic are endless and raw material for plastics can be produced in powder, pellet or syrup form and then various consumer durables like toys, tubing and auto parts are manufactured, using various methods. Injection moulding and blow moulding are two of the commonly used methods used for producing plastic goods.

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