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Education in India, Career in India: Sports and Physical Fitness

Looking for a Career Options in the Field of Sports and Physical fitness ? This section features Sports and Physical fitness as a career options, elaborated with reference to the job profile, personality traits required, the courses and training involved, premier institutions and future prospects.

If a career in sports and physical fitnsess holds your fancy, there are three main options you can choose from. Pursue the sport or game on a full time basis generally with sponsorship from an employer/promoter Become a trainer/instructor/coach for a game or sporting event

Finally use the experience acquired over years as a sportsperson to work in a related field, such as, sports journalism, sports goods manufacture/marketing or as commentator. To be a sports person one needs to be physically fit, energetic and enthusiastic. If aspiring to become a trainer or manager, a graduate degree in physical education can be pursued after Class XII ( any stream with physical education)

Personality Traits

  • Sports persons are required to be energetic, enthusiastic and physically fit.
  • All professionals in this field must be absolutely committed to the profession and the game.
  • Coaches and instructors have several years of experience and training.
  • Patience, perseverance and a sporting spirit are required to excel.
  • In allied areas of work, communication and business skills are gaining importance and value.
  • A sportsperson's work needs psychomotor and physical conditioning.



  1. Class XII - any subject with physical education
  2. Graduate degree in Physical education; Postgraduate degree in Physical education. Jobs as Physical education trainers/ educators/therapists/coaches.
  3. Graduation in Physical Education followed by Post graduation for Trainers and Managers
  4. Graduation/ Post graduation in Physical Education and B.Phy.Ed for teachers.
Admission Procedure:

Sports can be pursued at any age, hence the trajectory gives information on the schemes for promoting talent. Sports talent can be spotted at the school level. The Sports Authority of India has been constituted at the National level to encourage and develop acumen in sports. SAI has State level branches to organise, manage and conduct a host of schemes intended to promote sports facilities and assistance for the talented. Sports Authority of India (SAI) is responsible for training coaches, R&D in sports, physical education, R&D in physical education, sports promotion, nurturing talent, and training of athletes.

  1. Age 9-12 National sports talent scheme-

    Talent in swimming, athletics, gymnastics as well as ball and net games which include tennis, hockey, basketball, table tennis, football, volleyball, badminton and wrestling are supported under this scheme. Students in the 9 to 12 age can qualify tests conducted by the Sports Authority. The tests check general and specific physical skills required for each of the disciplines. Selected students undergo sports training along with school education in one of the SAI sponsored schools. The sponsorship includes all expenditures including tuition fee, boarding, lodging, incidental expenditures, sports kits maintenance allowances, medical facilities, travel etc. Coaches provide the necessary training to students selected under this scheme, conduct evaluation tests and maintain performance records.

  2. Age 16-20 years Students

    Can benefit from the Hostel scheme in sponsored institutions. Special Area Games Schemes operate for identifying and nurturing talent from all regions in the country.

  3. Army-

    Regimental training centres have schools where students with sporting talent from neighbouring areas are enrolled. Education, training in sports, and military training completes the curriculum.

  4. Scholarships at colleges/universities-

    Students participating in national championships, inter-university tournaments are eligible for the Sports Talent Scholarship awarded by the Government of India, Department of Youth Affairs and Sports. Candidates are selected on the basis of merit, ascertained by a duly constituted Selection Committee.

  5. Private sponsorships-

    SAI has six regional sports centres. Coaching facilities in popular sports such as badminton, tennis, hockey and cricket are provided. The facilities provided are of international standards. Special Sports Academies/Federations provide similar facilities. These are often privately sponsored and sportspersons with proven talent are supported by these academies.


Please click here for the list of the Sports And Physical Fitness Institutes in India.

Placements And Prospects


  1. Physical Education Instructors:

    • Conducting physical training classes, organising games and coaching students in games and athletics.
    • Training students in callisthenics, gymnastics and other physical exercises to promote strength and gracefulness, or to correct body posture.
    • Organising and instructing or refereeing for games such as hockey, basketball, football etc.
    • Assuming responsibility for the maintenance of gymnasiums and sports equipment.
    • Physical Education teachers also supervise games in junior classes.

  2. Coaches:

    • There are coaches for each game and athletic event.
    • Selecting potential players
    • Giving them instructions about the rules of the games, planning and precision of movements.
    • Demonstrating techniques of play, drilling them in fundamentals until players become familiar with them.
    • Observe players in action, and offer helpful criticism and corrective methods.
    • Accompany the player during tournaments and provide the necessary guidance as well as boost up the morale of the players.

  3. Umpire/Referee:

    This job requires knowledge of the rules of the game one is refereeing. Recognised state or national bodies appoint or reward certification of umpires/referees. Their job is to conduct the games and sports in accordance with rules and regulations. Inspecting sports equipment, the ground, and enforcing compliance of schedules and rules is part of their job.

  4. Professional players :

    Professional players are selected from amongst those who show record performance in a number of tournaments played at various levels. Selections are conducted at the institutional level, district level, regional level and national level. Outstanding performers represent the country at the international level.

  5. Sport and leisure club managers:

    Managers who take care of these facilities for providing service to clients have a number of responsibilities. The tasks:

  6. Administrative and sports duties.

    Office work, e.g., manage accounts, formulate plans, make timetables for schools, clubs and the general public and arrange for specialised coaches. Ensure that health and safety regulations are adhered to. Ensure that the premises, the swimming pool and equipment such as badminton nets, mats are in good condition. Sports for physical fitness and therapy: Sport and health are being recognised as related concepts. In India there is a growing interest in health and fitness, particularly among conscious adults.

  7. Sports and business marketing :

    The marketing of sports goods, research and development also need the involvement of sports persons.

  8. Sports journalism:

    Columnists, feature writers, commentators, programme producers, directors and presenters are involved in preparing and presenting sports programmes for viewers.

  9. Sports photojournalists:

    Cover sports events for newspaper and magazines.

  10. Sports administration :

    The government sponsored sports institutions have officials to manage the work at various levels.


Many talented sportspersons are employed in government sector enterprises or with the private sector that they represent in the sporting event/game in various tournaments and matches. The Government recruits meritorious sportspersons directly to Group 'C' and 'D' posts if they fulfil the requisite educational qualifications. Nationalised banks, public sector undertakings and some private groups recruit outstanding sportspersons.

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