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Education in India, Career in India: Technical Writing

Looking for a Career Options as a Technical Writing ? This section features technical writing as a career options, elaborated with reference to the job profile, personality traits required, the courses and training involved, premier institutions and future prospects.

For communicating ideas to the particular reader, technical writing or technical communication is the easy way. Now days, this field is very popular. Technical writer or technical communicator is essential for companies. They are important for the companies for translation or explanation of the technical terms in the understandable language so that common man can also understand the technical words. Technical writers in short, write for the non technological person.

The reports are written by the technical writer which is the regular part of job for the technical professional, expert and the specialist. They write about 'how to use' project reports, manuals, installation and instruction guides, online help files, make brochures and graphical presentations for various industrial products such as IT, medical, consumer products, journals etc. Those technical writers working with the engineers can write the information regarding engineering and designing for the common people.

Technical writer should have interest in the technology and science. They also have the skill of researching because they have to collect information from the internet, books etc. and have to take interviews of the peoples.

Personality Traits

For the creative writer, this is a good option and for those who can understand and communicate the technical subjects such that non technical reader can also understand easily. For becoming the technical writer, writing and speaking English language is very necessary. Individual participating in this field have good research and good communication skill since they have to collect information from different mediums such as books, internet, etc. Some of the time they may have to take the interview of those people experts in these fields and create a write up. Design skill is also important for this profession.


  • Documentation Research and Training Center (DRTC), Bangalore
  • Department of English, Stella Maris College, Chennai
  • University of Calicut, Kerala
  • TechnoPoint, Bangalore
  • Colorado State University

Placements And Prospects

There is no any formal institution is in India for teaching the technical writing but the opportunities for the job are increases in India. In global market, this job opportunity rises. Those individuals taking career in technical writing may find a job in number of firms such as software developing companies, advertising agencies, and in the newspapers and in the magazines. The technical writers are mostly employed in the IT or computer industries. If anyone does not want to work with the industry, then they can work as writer which are self-employed. Freelancers may get work on contract basis that is for soem periods and then paid within the time.

Indian companies like TCS, Sun Microsystems, Infosys Technologies Ltd, InfoTech etc calls to these writers. Technical writers may also find the jobs through the websites.

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