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GMAT : Graduate Management Admission Test

GMAT : Graduate Management Admision Test

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a pre-requisite for admission into majority of business schools in the U.S. and Europe. Simply put GMAT measures the abilities and skills developed during one's schooling, including persuasive writing and logical reasoning. The test provides a fair idea of a candidate’s analytical and verbal skills, both of which are necessary to perform well in a management program.

To score high on the GMAT, all you need is a good understanding of basic Mathematics and English Grammar. The GMAT does NOT measure one's business competence or specific academic knowledge.

Here are some of the most important purposes of the GMAT:

  1. Determines a candidate’s quantitative, analytical and verbal abilities, all of which are important to succeed in a business school.
  2. The scores applicants get in the GMAT help the authorities to rank them accordingly.
  3. The score ("Percent Below") helps in determining the position of an applicant among other applicants who appear for the same test.
  4. The GMAT Verbal score is the single most important predictor of class performance. An applicant who scores high in the verbal section is supposed to be a good performer in the class.
  5. Various programs tend to be rated according to the average GMAT score. So, the schools prefer high GMAT candidates to improve the overall GMAT average for the school.
  6. A good GMAT score can to some extent help to overcome any shortcoming in one's undergraduate score and/or work experience.

Although a high GMAT score alone does not guarantee admission, and the other factors such as work experience, interviews etc. play an important role, yet a high GMAT score is always advantageous and gets your foot into the door.

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