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Education in India, Career in India: Design

Designing is a highly developed field that requires trained people who are creatively innovative and artistic. Designers should take care that the products should not only be innovative but also user friendly and functional. This requires greater efficiency and knowledge related to design careers. Hence, choosing the right course and Design Colleges are the stepping stones to a successful design career in India. Due to IT boom and emergence of large number of multi-national companies, there are many good job prospects available for designers in India. Careers in design are not just restricted to graphics, product, or interior designing but also in the fields like film making, commercial artist, town planning, fine arts, advertising and architecture. There is good scope for the jobs in design India.

Area Of Work

  • Graphics Design:

    Careers in graphic design are a two-way process between a consumer and a designer which utilizes different visuals, typography, and page layout to create a design meant for the target audience. They also require some specialized skills in design graphics such as photography, interactive design etc.

  • Interior Design:

    Interior Design follows a process in which analysis, knowledge, research are combined with artistic skills to create interiors that fulfill the client’s requirements. It is not just limited to selecting the colors and arranging the home appliances. It involves a lot of research, expertise, and knowledge about the safety norms, and architectural elements.

  • Fashion Design:

    They create designer wear for men, women, and children. They also create designs as per the season, and latest trends. Designers create garments that are beautiful, and well-designed. The skills required for a fashion designer include information about the latest trends and fashion, creativity, style, good knowledge about the fashion industry, business, and capability to work under stress and meet deadlines.

  • Product Design:

    It is often confused with industrial designs. The basic skills required for a product designer includes generating creative and innovative ideas, research, popular trends, manufacturing, and marketing the products. It produces products such as instruments, toys, electronic goods etc.

  • Accessory Design:

    It includes designing accessories such as handbags, ornaments, hosiery etc. These accessories are mainly designed and utilized to create a trendy look/be fashionable.

  • Industrial Design:

    Industrial design is a service of creating and developing improved products and its marketability. It refers to develop designs for industrial products such as home appliances, cars etc.

  • Web designer:

    Web design career is a newly developed field which did not exist many years ago. It is a kind of graphic designing which is used for development of creating content in a presentable way to the end users of World Wide Web. It is different from Web programming, and web development. They mostly design web pages and websites. Apart from using creativity, this profession requires ideas that would be useful for individuals and companies.

  • Game design:

    It includes designing computer games such as puzzles, animation, and testing. The basic skills required for a game designer is proficiency to use computers, creativity, cooperation, and patience to design computer games that would be successful in the market.


Minimum 12th pass is essential for the diploma and degree courses in Design. For design courses at post graduate level, the eligibility is graduation from any discipline. For specialized courses in Product design, only students who have passed 12th standard from science stream are allowed.


Placements And Prospects

There are good job prospects for candidates who have graduated from design colleges in India. They can find good placements in leather industries, garment stores, jewellery, textile mills etc. They can work on freelance basis or on contract basis.


Some financial aspects of design career India are as follows. Diploma/degree holders in design could start off with a salary of 6000 to 10000 INR per month. Whereas students enrolled in reputed institutes of design such as National Institute of Design, and National Institute of Fashion Designing can expect a salary of around 15,000 to 20,000 INR per month. It also depends on the organizations they are working for. Many accredited design colleges and schools offer online degrees in designing. Design careers in India have a lot of scope and career options available. A person can choose the best career option as per ones likings and skills. Designers can also work from home or on freelance basis.

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