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Education Bank Loan in India : Catholic Syrian Bank

The genesis of Indian Banking is associated to a large extent with Swadeshi Movement, which inspired many Indians to promote Swadeshi Banks in the beginning of the 20th Century. The enterprising founders of Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd also found this period to be a moment of opportunity to promote the establishment of a bank. Thus was born The Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd, Nine decades ago, on 26th November 1920 to be exact at Thrissur,which in later years acquired the unique distinction of being a centre with the highest concentration of banks in the South. The founder directors of the bank were people of eminence known for their foresight, integrity and initiative. The policy they laid down has been consistently upheld by the successive generations who guided the destiny of the institution.



  • Studies in the India:
    • Including school education plus two
    • Graduation level courses
    • Post Graduation courses
  • Studies in abroad:

    The student should have nationality Indian and get the admission to technical or professional courses securely through entrance test or selection process.

Details of Loan

Exposure of expenses:

For meeting tuition and other fees, cost of computer, books, and refundable deposits by receipts, bills, cost of travel for studies abroad etc.


  • The maximum loan amount is Rs. 7.50 lakh for those studies in India
  • The maximum quantum is Rs. 15 lakh for those studies abroad.


  • No margin for the amount up to Rs. 4 Lakh.
  • The margin is 5 percent on the amount above Rs.4 lakh to studies in India
  • Margin is 15 percent for studies abroad.


  • No security is needed for the loan Rs.4 Lakhs
  • If the loan amount is above Rs.4 Lakhs then collateral security is required which is havinh value twice the amount of loan.


Required parent's personal guarantee.


There is no any processing fee. If the interest is submitted promptly in particular period then there is 1 percent of the rebate on interest.


Repayment period or moratorium period is the course period plus 1 year or 6 months from getting the job, whichever is early. The loan is repaid in 5 to 7 years after beginning of repayment

Details & Contact

Head Office
CSB Bhavan,
Head Office - Post Box No. 502,
Thrissur 680 020,
Phone - (0487) 2333020, 2333420,
2333277, 2333493, 2333477, 2333472, 2333469, 2333445,
2333261, 2332186, 2332058, 2338760, 6451706, 6451709, 6451708,
Fax - (0487) 2333435
Website -

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