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Education Bank Loan in India : HSBC Bank

Education is the greatest asset anyone can have. Recognizing this, HSBC, in affiliation with Global Student Loan Corporation® (GSLC) has designed a student education loan program to provide funding for students who are seeking to attain a world-class education at a U.S college or university. HSBC India Student Education Loan Program can help ease students' financial concerns as they embark on one of the biggest decisions in their life – attending the college / university of their dreams. The program enables you to borrow funds to cover the cost of education – tuition, fees, room charges, boarding, books, and other education-related expenses. Global Student Loan Corporation® - GSLC - is one of the leading organizations which enables non - U.S. students to find the path to a world-class education. With GSLC, you can access a student-specific Loan Certificate demonstrating adequate funding to attend school - a requirement for securing a U.S student visa. You can receive advice from GSLC's International Student Planner and remain at ease knowing that GSLC has extensive relationships with many U.S colleges and universities. You will also be able to use GSLC's Budget Calculator to calculate how much will be needed towards funding your studies and receive guidance about budgeting for school.


  • Student should have nationality Indian.
  • Annual income will be Rs. 1.5 lakhs minimum for the secured loans and for unsecured loans, it may be Rs. 75,000.
  • Student must take secured admission to the standard universities or colleges in India as well as in abroad.

Details of Loan


The loan amount is available for the studies in India as well as in abroad ranging from 50,000.Rs to Rs. 2.50 lakh.


Residential property or loans are required as a security on loan above the 5.0 lakh Rs. Loans to the ratio of value be less than 50 percent or equal to the 50 percent of value of property.


Repayment is done through equated monthly installments scheme (ETMI). For the unsecured loan, the repayment period is 4 yeas and for secured loans it is 7 years.

Details & Contact

Near Mc Donalds,
Lokhandwala Complex,
Andheri - West, Mumbai
Phone - 022 - 4042 2424
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