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Education Bank Loan in India : Jammu & Kashmir Bank

The new identity for J&K Bank is a visual representation of the Bank’s philosophy and business strategy. The three coloured squares represent the regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. The counter-form created by the interaction of the squares is a falcon with outstretched wings – a symbol of power and empowerment. The synergy between the three regions propels the bank towards new horizons.Green signifies growth and renewal, blue conveys stability and unity, and red represents energy and power. All these attributes are integrated and assimilated in the white counter-form.



  • Should have nationality Indian.
  • Must take admission securely through the entrance test or any merit selection procedure.
  • Secured admission to the foreign institutes or universities.
  • Student should pass examination which is needed for the admission process.
  • For receiving the training, student should have improved the educational qualification.


  • Graduate and the post graduate courses: Engineering, Medicine, Design, Surgery, Hotel Management, Architecture, Agriculture, Bio-chemistry, Veterinary etc.
  • Post graduation courses: CA, business management, secretaryship of the company

Details of Loan


  • The maximum amount is Rs. 7.5 lakhs for the studies in the India.
  • The maximum amount is Rs. 15 lakhs for the studies in Abroad


  • There is no any margin on the loan up to Rs 4 lakh
  • The margin on loans greater than Rs 4 lacs are 5 percent for students in India and 15 percent for the students in Abroad.


  • Borrower's personal guarantee
  • Collateral security which is same as loan amount


  • Repayment period or moratorium period is the course period plus 1 year or 6 months from getting the job, whichever is early. The loan is repaid in 5 to 7 years after beginning of repayment.
  • If student is unable to complete the course within particular time then extra 2 years will be permitted for them.

Details & Contact

Registered Office
Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd.
Srinagar - 190 001
EPABX Numbers: (0194) 2481930 - 2481935
Website -

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