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Education Bank Loan in India : State Bank Of India

State Bank of India provides its customers with a variety of personal banking services. SBI, which is actively engaged in Community Services Banking, also offers education loans to students aspiring to continue higher studies. SBI Study Loans are sanctioned only to Indian Nationals. A study loan is sanctioned for studies both in India and abroad.



Loan is granted to those who have nationality Indian and take secured admission for higher study in India as well as in abroad.


  • Professional, graduation or post graduation courses
  • The courses which are permitted by government, UGC, AICTE etc.

Details of Loan

Exposure of Expenses:

  • Fees payable to the school, college or hostel
  • Laboratory, Examination, or Library fee
  • Fees required for purchasing equipments, books, uniforms or instruments.
  • Building funds, caution deposit, or the deposit which is refundable supported by the institution receipts or bills.
  • Passage money or travel expenses for those studies in abroad.
  • Buy the computers which are useful for the course.
  • Other expenses required for completion of course such as study tours, thesis, project Work, etc.
  • Cost of vehicle (two wheeler) up to 50,000 rupees.


  • The maximum amount is Rs. 10.0 lakhs for the studies in the India.
  • The maximum amount is Rs. 20.0 lakhs for the studies in Abroad


  • There is no any margin on the loan up to Rs 4 lakh
  • The margin on loans greater than Rs 4.0 lakh is 5 percent for students in India and 15 percent for the students in Abroad.


  • No security is required for loan up to Rs. 4 lakh
  • Collateral security in type of guarantee of third party when loan amount is between Rs. 4.0 lakh - Rs. 7.5 lakh.
  • And when loan amount is greater than Rs.7.5 lakh, collateral security is required with task of student's future income for installment payment. All loans must be secured from guardian or parents and when person is married then co-obligator may be spouse or parents.

    Processing Fees:

    • No any processing fee.
    • For the educational loan, deposit is of 5000/- rupees for studies abroad and this will be adjusted in margin.


    The period of repayment started after completion of course plus 1 year or after the six months from getting job, whichever becomes earlier.

    Details & Contact

    Corporate Centre
    State Bank Bhawan,
    Madame Cama Road,
    Mumbai 021
    Phone - (022) 22029451, 22029456
    Fax - (022) 22885369
    Website -

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