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Education Bank Loan in India : Syndicate Bank

A SyndicateBank's Education Loan Scheme SyndicateBank's involvement in education dates back to the decades prior to the Nationalisation of Banks. The Bank was also the first to set up a string of Rural Training Institutes aimed at empowering the young India in rural areas through entrepreneurial education and training.




  • Should be nationality Indian
  • Should take secured admission to technical or professional courses through entrance exam or through merit basis process.
  • Must take secured admission to the foreign institutions or universities.
  • Major students represent him/her and minor students are represented by parents.


Studies in the India

  • Graduation courses: B. Sc, B.Com, BA etc.
  • Masters & PhD are the post graduation courses.
  • Professional courses : Agriculture, Medical, Engineering, Law, Veterinary, Management, Dental, Computer etc
  • Computer courses of famous institutes qualified by Dept. of Electronics.
  • Courses such as CFA, CA, ICWA, etc
  • All the courses arranged by IIT, IIM, IISc, NIFT, XLRI etc
  • All the courses conducted in India which is offered by foreign universities, national institutes and some private institutes.
  • Approved university's evening courses.
  • Diploma or degree courses managed by universities or colleges approved by government, UGC, AIBMS, AICTE, ICMR etc

Studies in abroad:

  • Graduation courses which are technical or professional courses arranged by standard universities.
  • MS, MBA, MS etc such post graduation courses.
  • Courses conducted by CPA - USA, CIMA- London, etc.
  • Diploma courses which are not qualified.

Details of Loan

Exposure of Expenses:

  • Fees payable to the school, college or hostel
  • Building funds, caution deposit, or the deposit which is refundable supported by the institution receipts or bills.
  • Fees required for purchasing equipments, books, uniforms or instruments.
  • Passage money or travel expenses for those studies in abroad.
  • Laboratory, Examination, or Library fee
  • Buy the computers which are useful for the course.


  • The maximum amount is Rs. 10.0 lakhs for the studies in the India.
  • The maximum amount is Rs. 20.0 lakhs for the studies in Abroad


  • There is no any margin on the loan up to Rs 4 lakh
  • The margin on loans greater than Rs 4 lacs are 5 percent for students in India and 15 percent for the students in Abroad


  • Security is not required on the loan up to Rs. 4.0 lakh
  • Collateral security in form of guarantee of third party in case when amount is between Rs.4.0 lakh - Rs.7.5 lakh
  • Collateral security with the 25 percent of the margin when loan amount is greater than Rs. 7.5 lakh.


The period of repayment started after completion of course plus 1 year or after the six months from getting job, whichever becomes earlier. Repayment will be done within 5 to 7 years.

Details & Contact

Head Office
Post Box No.1,
Manipal- 104,
Phone - (0820) 2571181 / 2571196
Fax - (0820) 2570266

Corporate Centre
II Cross,
Bangalore 009,
Phone - (080) 22267545, 22265959, 22267548, 22266256, 22266889
Fax - (080) 2220 1134
Website -

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