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Engineering Colleges in India

Engineers are professionals who use their knowledge and skills pertaining to their respective domains for solving problems and improving the environment around us. Engineers are employed in testing, building and designing of various structures and products. Different avenues such as medicine, electronics, manufacturing, management of the environment, transport, production, information technology, biotechnology etc, need proficient engineers for solving complex issues.

Engineering is the core force for some of the major alterations around the world. The future too holds a lot of promise for aspiring engineers; not only in terms of monetary benefits, but also fin terms of resolution of worrying global issues such as renewable energy, climatic changes and scarcity of potable water.

Ingenuity and creativity are aspects that go hand-in-hand with an engineering career. The engineers bring tangible changes to the society and this performance brings joy and satisfaction coupled with pride. More important, people who love challenges will also love engineering.

Technology is continuously evolving and engineers often get chances of broadening their horizons related to opportunities and knowledge. The variety provided by a career in engineering is an attraction that lures students to this profession.

With a plethora of benefits associated with an engineering career, the number of students aspiring to obtain admissions in reputed engineering colleges in India is also growing. The need for good colleges imparting quality education is the need of the hour.

Engineering demands creativity and professionalism along with an intellect for survival in the industry. Though the field is rewarding, it requires a lot of effort from students. The quality of the education obtained by the students carries importance as well. The above mentioned lists of engineering colleges in India can aid you in making the correct choice e for pursuing an engineering degree.

We have compiled a list of engineering colleges in India for your reference.

Following is the list of engineering colleges in India. All engineering colleges are divided into their states. To view engineering colleges in a particular state click on the link of that state. The number of engineering colleges in any particular state is mentioned in front of the link. If you know of some engineering college in India which is missing from our list below, please do let us know by sending a mail to engineering-college _at_
Please note that the list of engineering colleges in India compiled above is correct from our knowledge. If you see any error in engineering degree or the address of the engineering college of institute, please do let us know. This list is provided only for personal use.

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