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Asian Academy of Film and Television

Asian Academy of Film & Television is one of the finest institutes of film and television. The film school is recognized not only in India but also abroad. The aim of film school is to impart quality education in the field of film and television. The institute puts emphasis on students' all round development.

AAFT students are provided with all possible help from the institute to carve their career in the field of entertainment. The film school encourages students to accept challenges and execute them perfectly. It provides students with training programme where students enhance their fundamental skills required for filmmaking.

Students are taught film budgeting and financing, as they are the most important elements before starting a creative project. Students are given practical exercise in advanced technology. This helps them to raise expert filmmakers. AAFT not only produces cinematographers and editors but also perfect filmmakers.

Asian Academy of Film & Television has a dedicated faculty, which helps students to establish themselves as good producers. The film school organizes workshops, seminars and guest lectures for students to interact with prominent professionals. The film school has an international faculty too. The purpose behind international faculty is to provide students with global exposure.

There are many experts from the field of film and television. AAFT campus has an international environment. There are students from across the world for studying different subjects. Students mostly are from countries including Middle East, Pacific Rim Regions, Europe, Far East.

Asian Academy of Film & Television offers various courses in film and television. The course curriculum for each subject is well built and modified. All courses are job oriented. After completing the courses, students start their career in the entertainment industry. Students are provided with job assistance as well.

The AAFT campus has International Film & Television Research Centre (IFTRC) that is a part of the film school. There are prominent national and international personalities from entertainment industry interact with students and share their knowledge. The alumni of AAFT have been working with well-known film production houses. They have made their mark in their respective field.

Since the film school provides excellence in education, a number of students not only from India but also from abroad take admission to the courses. approximately 7000 students have passed out various courses and some of them have established themselves in the film, media and television industry.

Most probably, AAFT is the only film school in India where a professional film production house has joint venture with the institute. The professional film house has hired many students for its programmes on various television serials. The film school encourages new talent. AAFT is the right place to carve students' future in the entertainment industry.

  • Admission Process

    Three-Month Courses

  • Production Direction And TV Journalism
  • Video Editing And Sound Recording
  • Tv Graphics And Animation
  • Still Photography And Journalism
  • 2d Graphics And Animation
  • Acting Presentation
  • Training Sessions For Acting
  • Mass Media Research And Planning
  • Screenplay Writing
  • 3d Graphics And Animation
  • Print And Advertising Graphics
  • One - Year Courses

  • Diploma In Camera And Lighting Techniques
  • Diploma In Visual Communication
  • Diploma In Multimedia
  • Diploma In Acting For Film And Television
  • Diploma In Digital Design Term II
  • Pgd In Media Management
  • Syllabus For Pgd In Tv Journalism And Communication
  • Pgd In Film And Television Production
  • Pgd In Tv Journalism And Communication
  • Two - Year Programme

  • Msc In Mass Communication Advertising Journalism 1
  • Msc In Mass Communication Advertising Journalism 2
  • Msc In Multimedia Pgd In Multimedia Production
  • Mba Postgraduate Diploma In Media Management
  • Msc In Mass Communication Advertising Journalism 3
  • Three -Year Programme

  • Bsc in Multimedia + GD in Multimedia Production
  • Bsc Mass Communication Advertising and Journalism
  • BBA And Gd In Media Management
  • Bachelor Of Computer Application
  • Bsc In Mass Communication And Gd Electronic Media
  • Master Of Computer Application
  • Foreign Students
  • Producing And Directing For Screen Presentation
  • Camera Lighting Techniques
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