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Chennai Film Industrial School

Chennai Film Industrial School is one of the best film schools in India. It is prominent film school fully dedicated to higher education in filmmaking and visual media. The film school offers fast track programme. The programme is designed to equip students with quality education. It is a wonderful platform for those who have burning desire to carve their future in the film and television industry.

Unlike other film school's programme, Chennai Film Industrial School has a one-year full-time course. Though it is a one-year programme, it incorporates all the aspects of filmmaking and equips students with complete insights of the cinema industry. The film school employs modern teaching techniques rather than following traditional one. It allows students to engage in their practical exercises.

Chennai Film Industrial School designed and structured course curriculum based upon the film industry needs. The aim of this course is to teach students intricacies of the art and facilitate them to grow as skilled filmmakers. The course curriculum comprises of theoretical and practical exercises to hone student's skills required for filmmaking.

The film school has experienced and dedicated faculties, which helps students to acquire filmmaking knowledge. Students are equipped with theoretical, aesthetic and practical knowledge, which is the gateway to professional opportunity and excellent in their respective field.

Upon successful completion of the course, the film school issues a certificate recognized by the Government of Tamilnadu. Students can register the certificate at the employment office. The certificate can be used to get Government jobs. After completing the course, students get into film and television industry easily.

Chennai Film Industrial School is the only school, which sows seeds and nurtures new talent in the realm of film and television. The film school offers students various opportunities to grow as good filmmakers.

The objective of the course is:

  • To offer a one-year course with professional experience and training exercises
  • To take film education to the fore as a realm of career opportunity for the cinematically disposed and facilitates new talent to flourish.
  • To contact media persons, arrange interactive brainstorm sessions, take live demonstration of filmmaking
  • Manifold approaches to equip students with a stimulating choice of educational programmes.
  • To balance the aesthetic, creative and innovative journey with key technical essentials
  • To focus on every aspect of filmmaking
  • To offer training and teaching in quality education, provide instructions, make provisions for research, development and propagation of knowledge

Chennai Film Industrial School is situated in the East Coast Road, which is approximately 1km away from the seashore. It is easy to get there by city bus or auto rickshaw. There is no crisis of transportation and one can reach to the school easily.

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