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IIT Joint Entrance Exam (IIT-JEE)

Welcome to our IIT-JEE page. Here you will find all information you will ever need to prepare and know more about IIT and its joint entrance exam (JEE).

Students who have just appeared in their SSC and HSC examinations are at a very important junction in their life. They have to select a correct path for their future and also a suitable guide in this journey who can keep them on the right track always. It is very important to enjoy this journey as it is a long one and can be completed successfully only by enjoying it.

IIT JEE is one of the most sought after destinations for which it is necessary to compete with about two lakh students and get one of the approximately 3,500 seats. You can be a winner if you believe in yourself; you know your needs and also the place where these needs can be fulfilled. You as an individual are different than others and hence are your requirements. You may be able to do self-study and need help on few selected topics only. Or, you may be of the kind who needs a start and rest can be managed by you if proper strategy and temperament control assistance is made available to you. Or, you may just need to get tested time to time as you progress on your preparation and availability of some assistance on taking corrective steps may do miracles for you.

Some Useful information about IIT and JEE:

For IIT, you need to do following:
  • You need to build strong concept on theories involved in topics as per the syllabus by studying them, thinking about them, arguing about various alternatives and strong reasoning.
  • Application of concepts through practice on conceptual problems of varied difficulty level. Selection of difficulty level is very crucial as non-conceptual difficult questions disturb your preparation.
  • Setting the strategies right. How much time to give on different subjects? What topics to be given priority? When to finish the syllabus? How many times revision should be done? What should be done just before the examination? How many questions should be practiced? What to do if you donít enjoy the subject? What books to study and when? How to pace the preparation? How much marks one should target at? You should know the answer to these questions and these answers should not be the general one but should be specific to you.
  • Temperament control during preparation phase and examination. Preparation for such a competitive examination over a period of one year, two years or even more will take you through many mood swings. How to stay focused? What should you do to generate positive energy in you and overcome any negative thoughts during the process? Answers are person specific and have great impact on your success.
  • Frequent evaluation of progress and taking corrective measures.

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