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IIT - JEE Coaching Institutes
If you feel that you require assistance in JEE preparation then evaluate the Coaching Institute on following parameters:
  1. Uniqueness in their study material: Study material provided by the coaching institutes is of little assistance if they are compact copy-paste or rewrite of materials taken from other books. If the reading of such material doesn’t increase interest and enjoyment then they are not worth. There are plenty of standard books on each subject by good authors, which can make your study enjoyable during preparation.
  2. Collection of quality books in their library: During the process of theory conceptualisation and building application capabilities, you need good books, which can really put your brain on exercise.
  3. Flexibility in the Coaching Model: What happens when your pace of learning is much faster or slower than the average? Is there any mechanism by which the model can identify exactly where you need help and provide the same? Is it possible in that coaching model to minimize the wastage of your time?
  4. Quality of questions discussed: Number of questions discussed is not that important. By discussing and solving 10-15 conceptual questions on each topic you can build a good application capability. On the other hand solving many tricky non-conceptual questions will simply waste your time.
  5. Tests and evaluation model: How is the progress of your preparation tested and analyzed? To what extent the feedback helps in identifying the areas for further work?
Once you are able to choose the correct assistance for your IIT-JEE journey, it will be an enjoying and thrilling experience.

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