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Jindal Global Law School

Jindal Global Law School is the first school of O.P. Jindal Global University. It is situated in Sonipat Haryana India. The law school was founded in 2009 under the Haryana Private Universities Act. The Bar Council of India has recognized both O.P. Jindal Global University and Jindal Global Law School. Candidates who wish to pursue legal education need to appear for the test. The admission test by Law School Admission Council, USA conducted by Pearson VUE, through its affiliate in India for selection of students for admission into the Jindal Global Law School, is accepted by the Govt. of Haryana.

The Law School aims at providing quality education in the field of law. It educates students about law with respect to the global viewpoint. The law school imparts legal education in the society. JGLS endeavors to indoctrinate students a sense of social responsibility, professionalism, respect for the law rules, virtue of honesty, etc. to make students good lawyers. JGLS provides internship to its students. Students shall intern with the imminent law firms, judges, lawyers and NGOs.

Students of the law school are engaged with the social activities like legal aid clinic to contribute to social advancement to those people who are living in poverty and emancipation of disadvantaged group with the help of law. Since students are trained with such relevant legal education, they get good opportunities in different fields not only in India but also abroad. JGLS looks forward to developing research capacities in diverse areas of law. The law school gives all the freedom to its scholars to work together and expand the research relationship with other law institutions in India and abroad.

The research in different areas of legal education includes:

  • Highlighting practical legal issues confronting society and the individual
  • Critical analysis and interpretation of legislation and case of law
  • Interdisciplinary and comparative study of law
  • Economy and the state

There is strategic collaboration going ahead with law schools across the world so as to develop JGLS legal education with faculty and student exchanges, curriculum development, research partnership, law library development, joint conferences, etc.

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