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KIITEE Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Unit-I :Strength of Material: Shear force and bending moment, combined axial and bending stress, theory of simple bending, torsion, simple stress and strain, testing of material, two dimensional stress system, thin cylinder and spherical shells under internal pressure, stress in composite section.

Unit-II:Thermal Engineering: Air conditioning, steam generator, properties and process of vapours, steam power cycle, steam nozzle, steam engine, gas turbine, steam turbine, heat transfer, condenser, thermodynamics concepts and properties, properties and process of ideal gases, laws of thermodynamics, refrigeration, air compressors, internal combustion engine.

Unit-III:Machines and Machine Design: Governor and flywheel, vibration in machine parts, balancing of machine parts, pulleys, gear drive, simple mechanism, friction in screw jack, static friction, bearings, clutch, power transmission in belt, breaks. Design of closed coil helical spring, design of screw jack, design of belt drives and pulleys, design of fastening elements, keys and couplings, design of shafts, design of levers.

Unit-IV:Fluid Mechanic and Hydraulic Machines: Flow through pipes, turbine, impact of jet, centrifugal pump, properties of fluids, reciprocating pump, pressure measuring instruments, flow through orifices and notches, Bernoulliís equation and its application.

Unit-V:Manufacturing Science: Parts and function of lathe machine, planning machine, shaper, milling machine, grinding machine, soltter, drilling machine, press tools, describe cutting tools, press tools, jigs and fixture, metrology, special casting and powder process, non-conventional machine process, automation, Robot technology, numerical control, flexible manufacturing, CAD/CAM CIM, material classification, imperfection in crystal, different heat treatment methods, Iron-carbon system, non-ferrous metals and alloys, spring material, bearing material, polymers, various forging processes, composites and ceramics, different metal forming process such as rolling and extrusion, soldering, foundry practice, various welding process, rivetting, sheet metal works, brazing.

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