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Kerala Press Academy

Kerala Press Academy is the institution for journalist in Kerala. The institution was found in 1979. It is a joint venture of the Indian Newspaper Society and the Govt. of Kerala, Kerala Union of Working Journalists. The academy is situated in Cochin, Kerala, India.

The aim of this academy is to promote excellence and professionalism amongst press operators. The academy has found full-fledged institute, organized workshops & seminars, published books & monographs, etc. The basic purpose of the academy is to promote and cultivate activities with respect to journalism.

Kerala Press Academy offers postgraduate diploma courses in mass communication, journalism, advertising and public relations. Besides these courses, the academy runs short duration refresher programmes, workshops and seminars for advertising, journals and public relation professionals.

The academy offers various courses in mass media. Each course is well designed and tailored with the view of fortifying the realm of mass communication. The courses aim at producing skilled professionals for the mass media. With the help of these courses, students learn fundamentals of mass business. The courses equip students with insights of current scenario in the field of mass communication.

Every course incorporates a spectrum of firm information. The courses facilitate students to be accustomed to mass communication, journalism, advertisement, etc. The academy has set up objectives in order to achieve the desired result. The objectives are given as follows.

  • To promote and manage research and study in the sphere of journalism
  • To organize/facilitate workshops, training sessions, exhibitions, seminars, consultancy services, talk shows, etc. in collaboration with newspaper management, working journalists and universities.
  • To publish periodicals, books, research papers and monographs
  • To help academic organizations and institutions in creating syllabus for journalism
  • To offer awards to institutions, individuals, organizations in recognition of commendable services to grant fellowship intended for conducting research in journalism and advanced study.

The General Council and an Executive Council administered the academy. These Councils consist of media owners, working journalists and Government envoys constituted by the Govt. of Kerala.


  • First General Council meeting in June 1979
  • Foundation stone laid for the Academy in June 1980 by Shri E.K.Nayanar, Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala
  • Inauguration of Press Academy building in May 1985 by Shri. K.Karunakaran, Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala
  • A course in Journalism started by Institute of Communication in 1986
  • Public Relations and Advertising course started in1993 by Institute of Communication

Kerala Press Academy is a wonderful place to study mass communication, journalism, public relations and advertisement. The academy facilitates students to acquire the knowledge of mass media. Students get to learn almost all the aspects of mass communication. The emergence of television channels has extended job opportunities. Thus, after completing the course, students can get into their respective field.

The academy not only hones student's skills required to become journalists but also makes them grow as good human beings. It lays emphasis upon students all round development. With the help of its courses, students update knowledge of mass communication.

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