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MATS Law School

MATS University has been established under Chhattisgarh Act. No. 29 of 2006 Chhattisgarh Private Universities. The objective of university is to provide quality education. The university boasts holistic education that unites modernity with classical grace, humanistic compassion and scientific professionalism in order to prepare the country to meet the opportunities of future. Since education, training and research are key factors in the development of country, the MATS contributes for nation's growth and tries to merge advanced education with its culture.

The law school aims at imparting legal education in the society so that students will prepare to meet the requirements and challenges at national and international level. The faculty of university gives personal attention to its every student so that they can study well. With the help of this the purpose of teaching will be achieved with no difficulty. The university aspires to propagate knowledge and also engender innovative knowledge which will help the country fuel its economy. MATS looks forward to having some of the prominent personalities in the field of legal education. The university hopes to see the chairperson of industry, great thinkers, and academic from across the globe associated with MATS in every booming field.

MATS Law School has been founded with the purpose of providing quality professional legal education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The mission of law school is to provide excellent platform to its students in the realms of law so that they can pursue their career not only in private but also in government sector. No law school has the collection of experience and opportunities that the MATS law institute offers. Since there is an array of academic and extracurricular activities, every student participates in it energetically.

MATS law school believes in excellence of education and provides it in all the respects. The law school is for those who love to think about the law's interaction with public policy, care about how things work, wish to avail different opportunities in the filed of law. The law school expects a lot from every student. The school endeavors every student to channelize their thoughts into action by means of taking parts in competitions such as moot, debating, arguing, etc.

The law school has been founded with the aim of offering international standard legal education which intends at preparing legal professionals. The lawyers who are produced by MATS play a key role in reforming the society. The MATS law school proud of generating prominent:

  • Advocates
  • Academic
  • Judges
  • Legislators
  • Public officials
  • Policy makers
  • Civil society activists
  • Legal counsel

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