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Ramanaidu Film School

Ramanaidu Film School (RFS) was established in 2008. The name of film school goes after the prominent film producer Dr. Ramanaidu. The aim of RFS is to impart quality education in the field of film and television. The film school offers various courses including scriptwriting, direction and cinematography. The film school is situated in the premises of the Ramanaidu Studios in Film Nagar, Hyderabad.

The Ramanaidu Studios is one of the most recognized organizations in the Indian film industry. The studio holds four and half decade's experience. It has built a tremendous record over the years. Dr. Ramanaidu, the founder and visionary person, is a Guinness Book World Recorder holder for most number of films as a filmmaker. Dr. Ramanaidu is a versatile person. He provided a solid financial discipline and powerful business ethics to his own company.

He created and developed his own distribution network to produce a good opportunity for his company. Dr. Ramanaidu always motivated new talent. He wished to equip every talent with wonderful platform where budding actors would show their talent. He encouraged every writer, actor, director, technician, cinematographer, musician, etc. in the Telugu film industry. He produced a number of filmmakers who have been working efficiently and made their mark in the film industry.

Mr. Suresh Babu completed graduation in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is Chief Executive Officer of Suresh Productions. He also holds position as in-charge of all operations related to distribution, exhibition, production and infrastructure for more than twenty years now. Today, his production house is one of the best film production organizations in India. His contribution to the film and television industry has made filmmakers ensure success under his production house.

Mr. Suresh Babu is aware of the emergence of new technology and occupied every possible area of motion picture production. Therefore, he employed technical personnel to deal with the technical department. Today, the Telugu film industry is trailed behind in terms of technical and aesthetic standard. He resolutely believes that the current standards of production can be elevated by means of creative technicians. Thus, his production house has a team of technicians.

The arrival of advanced technology such as mobile phone, I-pod, internet, etc. has taken the filmmaking beyond the current realm of cinema and television. To keep in mind these changes, Ramanaidu Film School designed its courses. With the help of these courses, students understand and acquire the fundamentals of filmmaking.

The film school organizes workshops and training sessions with the intention of enhancing student's basic skills required for filmmaking. After completing any of the courses, students get into film and television industry easily. Thus, Ramanaidu Film School is a wonderful platform to learn basics of filmmaking and carve a bright career in the film and television industry.

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