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Actor Prepares

Actor Prepares is one of the best film schools in India. The school aims at providing quality education in the field of film and television. It is a wonderful platform for those who wish to make their career in the entertainment industry. The film school provides intensive professionals courses. Every course is built with the intension of providing quality education. The objective of the film school is to impart high standard education. Its courses are job oriented and equip students with thorough information on filmmaking.

Actor Prepares has experienced and dedicated in-house faculty members. The faculty teaches students the craft through theories. However, the film school lays emphasis on practical exercises. Students learn through various games, extensive exercises and filmed demonstrations. The faculty helps students to understand the process of filmmaking. Besides regular faculty, the film school invites prominent working professionals as guest/visiting faculty from the film and television industry. The guests share their valuable works experience with students and give them tips to success. Above all, every student obtain individual counseling and guidance form the Bollywood's most successful, adored, trained teacher and versatile actor, Anupam Kher. Students receive his guidance throughout the academic year.

With the increasing popularity of its programmes and a number of alumni who made their mark in the film industry, Actor Prepares launched its new branches in other cities comprising Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. These branches reveal success of the film schools across our country. The film school introduces an authentic, new and unique course in The Change Within. The course will commence with the Ahmedabad branch. This course rises above the conventional boundaries of grooming programmes, acting, and personality development.

Actor Prepares has given a number of talented actors to the film and television industry. A renowned actor, Abhishek Bachchan, boasts that he understood requirements to become an actor. After training under him, Abhishek Bachchan felt that he was able to fulfill those requirements.

The most adored film actor, Hrithik Roshan claims that it was very good and constructive acting workshop the he ever attendeded under Mr. Kher. He further says that, it was a just like a doorway from the wobbly and uncertain to the dominion of confidence and conviction. He adds that, it was the most reassuring experience at a time when you realize that you are lost in crowd.

Kunal Kapoor is widely regarded as a good actor. He states that Anupamji is not only a good actor but also a superb teacher. Subsequently, he says that Anupamji has helped him to become an actor and facilitates him to gain a thorough insight in acting.

Deepika Padukone, a well-known actor, praises the film school by saying that she learned a lot even during a short span of three months. Deepika Padukone says that the classes helped her to grow as an actor and above all a human being. The classes facilitated her to understand the craft of acting and boosted her confidence, which can be shown with time and experience.

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