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Mad Arts

Mad Arts is one of the leading film schools in India. The school offers various professionals courses in the charming field of filmmaking. The aim of the school is to impart quality education in the field of film and television. The film school produces expert professionals. The spectrum of courses includes:

  • Direction
  • Acting
  • Editing
  • Cameras and Lighting
  • 3D Animation
  • Radio Jockeying

Mad Arts is the ideology-based unique school that offers students an insight into intricacies involved in different genre of comedy. The film school works under the guidance of India's well known satirist, Jaspal Bahtti.

Mad Arts is situated at Mohali, which is the part of tri-city Mohali, Chandigarh and Panchkula. Chandigarh is widely regarded for its architecture and urban planning. The city is the right place to learn. The city has charming atmosphere, which attracts national and international students. Chandigarh has many schools and colleges, which provide international standard education. The city is one of the most pleasing urban locations in the country, which is situated near the foothills of the wonderful Shivalik range of the Himalayas.

The Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film School is located in the industrial area of Mohali. The area is calm and pleasant. It is known for IT industry. The industry area includes various national and international levels shopping zone including:

  • Fashion Technology Institute
  • New and Entertainment Channels
  • Shopping Malls
  • IT Parks
  • Multi-nationals

Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film School is the first comedy school in India. The school is the place where art of creating and performing comedy is treated seriously. Mad Arts lays emphasis on comedy, however, it teaches dramatic techniques thoroughly. The film school caters to all the needs of film and television industry. The film school initiates to impart training in comedy. It nurtures the student's sense of humour. Students are taught how to develop their inherent skills. The aim and objective of the film school are to:

  • Impart quality education in the sphere of film and television by means of humorous play techniques
  • Fill up the gap between talent and entertainment industry
  • Produce expert professionals who will meet the film and television industry requirements

Mad Arts organizes seminars where prominent working professionals are invited to interact with students. These experts share their knowledge with students and help them grow up as filmmakers. The school primarily focuses enhancing student's skills required for comedy films. Nonetheless, it gives due attention to student's all round development.

Students are given practical exercises to hone their ability. They are give special training in genre of films. After completing any of the courses, students start their career in the entertainment industry. Mad Arts is the right place to make a bright career in the realm of film and television.

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