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Media Minds - Institute for Film and Video Editing

Media Minds is one of the best institutes for film and video editing. The aim of the institute is to impart high standard education in the field of film and television. Media Minds offers training in multimedia. It is the pioneering institution in training following disciplines.

  • Film editing
  • Video editing
  • Creative visual design
  • Animation designing

Media Minds has experienced and dedicated faculty. The faculty helps student to enhance their fundamental skills required for editing. The institute is equipped with all required technology to execute the editing task. The institute has the inclination to discover the hidden talent. The aim of the institute is to produce skilled professionals to serve for the entertainment industry.

Multimedia, animation, film and video editing are upcoming fields and have excellent scope for anyone to make a bright career. The entertainment industry needs expert professionals to fulfill their needs. The expert editors are in great demand. Every film and television production house requires responsible persons for editing. Therefore, the institute facilitates students to grow up as talented editors. After completing the editing course, students get into film and television industry with no difficulty.

Media Minds offers various courses in film and video. Every course is designed with the intention of providing students with quality education. The course incorporates theoretical and practical exercises. The aim of the course is to develop student's skills and make them to work in a team as well as individually. The course facilitates students to understand the basic concept of editing. Students are provided with extensive training with the purpose of reinforcing their skills. Media Minds offers following courses.

  • Cinematography
  • Film and video editing
  • Sound recording and engineering
  • Animation and FX

The institute is well equipped with all the required facilities. Students get an ample scope to broaden their horizon of knowledge. They learn through hands-on practice and develop their ability to meet the entertainment industry's requirements. Media Minds offers facilities given below.

  • Multipurpose studio (20 x 35)
  • Well equated class room (25 seats)
  • Digital audio works suites
  • Music recording studio
  • Pro tools labs
  • HD-ready video edit labs


  • Sound recording and engineering (Nuendo and Pro tools)
  • Film and video editing (Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer)
  • Animation and FX (Aftereffects, Combustion, Photoshop, 3D's Max)
  • Cinematography

Media Minds initiated rural centers where hidden talent can find inroad in the charming sphere of animation, film and video editing. It provides rural areas with training centers where students participate. Media Minds is the best platform to carve a career in charming field of entertainment. The institute is widely known for its contribution to the realm of film, animation, graphic designing, film editing, audio-video production, etc.

Media Minds has a good infrastructure for the development of high standard 3D animation and special effects for the necessity of film, television, video games, video, web, etc. The institute lays importance on student's all round development.

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