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MHT-CET: Entrance Exam

MHT-CET : Maharashtra Common Entrance Test

Welcome to our MHT-CET page. Here you will find all information you will ever need to prepare and know more about MHT-CET and its Medical / Engineering entrance exam.

Students who have just finished HSC examinations and want to do career in Medical or Engineering have to appear for this entrance exam held in the Maharashtra state for getting admissions to various colleges in Maharashtra.

Here is some helpful rapid revision course wise and chapter by chapter available, which will surely brush up the study they did in the whole year before appearing for the 12th exam. It is possible for all to do self-study and these chapters of various subjects listed below will help you for that.

Following subject revisions are provided chapter by chapter required in MHT-CET:

You can start your study and the rapid revision with all subjects and chapters given here will assists you. You can test yourself time to time and see your progress on your preparation.

Things To Remembre On The Day of Examination:

  • Do not go with an empty stomach for your examination. Always have a light breakfast.
  • Reach your examination venue well ahead of the time say at least half an hour before the start of your examination.
  • Carry your admit card, receipt-cum-Identity card, clip board and minimum three good quality black ball point pens.
  • Bring a watch so that you can keep you own time and pace yourself.
  • Do not stay up late before the day of exam. Last minute cramming usually does not help, but instead only tends to make you nervous. Be calm--worrying does you absolutely no good.
  • Try to relax just before the paper begins. Do not stress your mind if you feel that you have forgotten something and are unable to recall the points. Try not to get worked up.
  • Listen carefully to the directions given by the invigilator. In case of any doubts, ask the invigilator without any hesitation.
  • As soon as you get your question paper ensure that you have the complete question paper. In case any page is missing, bring it to the notice of the invigilator.
  • Ensure that you fill up all the particulars given in the Question Booklet and the Answer sheet correctly, particularly your Question Booklet Version, Serial No. and MHT-CET Roll.No.
  • Before you begin answering the questions, take an overall look at the question paper. This will give you an idea of the nature and scope of the questions asked. Try to understand the question paper - what it contains, what instructions are given and what choices are offered. A bird's eye view will give you a fairly good idea. A careful evaluation will further help in tackling the problem better.
  • Do not be nervous if you find the question paper difficult. This may affect your mind and consequently thinking power.
  • To relieve yourself, just close your eyes for a while and try to concentrate for a few minutes. Go through the question paper once again and you will gain confidence gradually as you start answering it.
  • Answer what you are sure of first. Reserve questions that require a lot of thinking. Put a dot (.) beside those that you want to check again, put a question mark (?) on any skipped. Don't be afraid to skip a question. There are often answers in the choices in other questions. If you are not sure of an answer, skip the question for the time being, and come back to the question later. This will save your time.
  • In Multiple-choice questions, you should not guess if you have absolutely no idea of the answer. Do not choose an answer that contains information you have never heard of. However, if you can eliminate three choices as being definitely incorrect, then it does pay to guess.
  • To solve a numerical problem in Physics , Chemistry or Mathematics, first read the problem properly. Understand clearly what you are expected to find and the particular method/formula you have to use. Once you have completely understood it, you can begin solving it.
  • Check as soon as the first one-hour bell is struck where you stand on timeframe. Adjust your thought process and the speed of writing accordingly. It is best not to make any review or adjustments in the first 30 minutes of commencement of the examination.
  • Meticulous care has been taken to make the CD-ROM perfect and useful in every respect.

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