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Education in India, Career in India: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship: The Profession
The lack of opportunities in the formal secors has driven many young people to strike our on their own. Many youngsters are leaving their their good paying jobs to establish their own small entrepreneurial ventures. This is the sector which is gworing the fastest today. The big money in the long run and the freedom to choose their own rainbows are, of course, major guiding factors. Today, the scope and variety of self-generated work is unlimited. Home ventures too offer enormous opportunities for the enterprising. The range of options for self generated work in immense and many of these can even be conducted from home.

It can be divided majorly into three activities:

  1. Providing service
  2. Selling something
  3. Manufacturing (making)
Many enterprises combine moer than one activities. Deciding which type of entreprise to choose require a great deal of research, because setting up a business is an uncharted area in the conventional career terms.

Area Of Work

Variety of self-generated work in unlimited.
Providing a service requires the least capital and involves less risk. These services are based on using ones time, skills and possibly any specialized training received. This can cover a large range of activies from freelance writing for magazines and journals to providing beauty care services or providing potted plants for homes or offices. Professionals in law, accountancy, system analysis, or even creative professionals such as copywriters, journalists and so on can be their own bosses while working independently for large organizations.
Selling or Markeing overlaps with both manufacturing and providing services. It could involved making something at home and delivering it to some clients. Or setting up some exibitions for the same. Selling involves more initial organization and business know-how, capital and risk than service venture.
Manufacturing covers anything from making children's clothes to high-tech components for industry. Manufacturing usually requires more skill, capital and risk than service and selling. You may need a physical primise for production.

Work of Entrepreneurs
Most 'service industry entrepreneurs work from their houses or small offices that they rent. some of them also go in for freelancing and door-to-door services. This is a major growth area. Other ideas that have generated successful enterprise include the marriage planning service, theme parties, converence and exhibition services, travel services, and food catering service. Enterprising entrepreneurs can also start their own chains fo restaurants delivery services. Computers and information technology industry offers good scope for self-employment. Services like coacing services, software development, graphics designing and website development are the main in this field.

Selling/Marketing is quite popular among entrepreneurs. The sales can be provided directly from homes to other official or residencial locations. This may be something like providing complete packed luched from homes to offices.

Entrepreneurs in manufacturing have to setup their own factories and small scale industries. The investment in this secor is far more than others. Industries in manufacturing ranges from cottages and villages industries (handicrafts etc.) to very sophisticated industries, which manufacture computer parts, television and other technical units.


There is no specific entry requirement. Also there is not specific eligibility requirement. But its always better to have some experience in the field in which you are starting up something.



There is no fixed salary for entrepreneurs. These depends of the profit made by their business. However, with a flourishing business one can make heaps of money.

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