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Indian economy, off late has become a hunting ground for many investors from all across the world. Most precisely, it has grown like anything, especially in the last decade. Indian Economy has been out at par with other economies of Brazil, Russia and China.
Since the time, India first opened its gates to foreign investment; there has been a complete turnaround. Now the traditional Hindu rate of growth is a thing of past and clocking 8%-9% GDP growth rate is the common norm. India along with other Asian powerhouse China makes for the fastest growing nations
Even if we take the case of ongoing global recession, India has managed to perform far better than other nations. Right from banking system to financial regularities, the country has thrived on discipline and out-performance. The booming Indian economy resulted in widespread growth and arrival of new industries. The most sparkling phenomenon is in form of financial market of India.
Financial services in India has taken a giant leap from the days of standing in banks queue for several hours for opening a saving account or trying to get some fixed deposits (FD) done. The financial services have increased manifold and now people have the choice to choose the one that most suitably fits the bill.
There are several services like broking firms, investment services, financial consulting, evergreen national banks, numerous private banks, car equity market and other banking services. Services are many and offered by blue chip names of the industry. Most of the companies in financial segment offer taxation services, consultancy services and all the services of wide financial gamut.
Whether itís taking a or booking your favorite house, going for pension plan or getting your child insured, numerous attractive financial services are available at affordable costs. Personal banking services have acquired an altogether new meaning. Now customers have multiple choices to choose from. One can find all the financial services on the internet that are just a call away.

Benefits of Financial Services

There are hordes of financial services facilities which we can count on, to make our life simpler and faster but at the same time investment in the same can pave your way to achieve tax benefits under the section 80 G 80 C, respectively.
Banking Sector- Banking form of financial services are the oldest, and the most reliable mode the world of finance has ever seen.
From the time, Core Banking Services has been unleashed at the entire major nationalized and private banks the feasibility factor of the same has changed like never before. Now, customers can easily transfer an amount in other cityís branches of the same bank for free and in other bank branches too at a nominal cost in a jiffy.
It was the one of the many benefits of the modern financial services.

Mutual Funds
One of the primary benefits of mutual funds is that an investor has access to professional management.
A good investment manager is certainly worth the fees you will pay. Good mutual fund managers with an excellent research team can do a better job of monitoring the companies they have chosen to invest in than you can, unless you have time to spend on researching the companies you select for your portfolio. That is because Mutual funds hire full-time, high-level investment professionals.
A crucial element in investing is asset allocation. It plays a very big part in the success of any portfolio. However, small investors do not have enough money to properly allocate their assets. By pooling your funds with others, you can quickly benefit from greater diversification. Mutual funds invest in a broad range of securities. This limits investment risk by reducing the effect of a possible decline in the value of any one security.

Stock Market
Stock market (or share market) trading is a common investment strategy, with many benefits to traders. If youíre looking to make money buying and selling company stock and shares, you have a few choices to make, and you need to evaluate the benefits of each. We saw above under various headings how the correct installment and applicability of these financial services can ease our life and also give wings to our financial investments. But, have you ever wondered how the people associated with these services get so much knowledge about them. In order to provide an idea about the same, a brief input about the courses available and their feasibility in the concurrent times would be most suitable here.

Personality Traits

A financial manager must possess, at his discretion, the deep knowledge of the A-Z of the whole financial terms. He should be alert at the same time have the capacity to think out of the box so that this attitude can yield positive results for his clients.
He/she shall also hold exceptional communication and interpersonal skills and not to forget the analyzing power, too.
An avid follower of all the major stock exchanges he must be, so that he may suggest the same to his clients and provide fringe benefits.


For a BBA course a plus two or intermediate from a recognized education board and for MBA a graduate in any discipline from a UGC/AICTE recognized university is a must criteria.


A degree at the graduation and post graduation level in the lucrative field of finance can add wings to your career. There are hordes of institutes which provide the degree. The degree is not only meant to provide you with a sound specialization but also a cutting edge factor to let you unwind with ťlan in your future endeavors in the same. Students are also exposed to two months training after their first year to get a birdís eye view of the financial services as they get to work in an organization and choose the financial services they are mostly interested in.


Placements And Prospects

Once a candidate is able to do the above listed courses from any of the above listed institutes, his /her chance of a bright future starts looming large in from of them. One can act as a financial advisor, finance manager, financial analyst, share market alalyser, broking agents, economists, etc. If one has done substantially excellent academic results, his chances of being placed in the top most institutes increases like never before.


A candidate pursuing courses in fiancial services and especially MBA-Finance pass outs freshers can get starting salary upto 10-15 k per month as of now while an experienced person in the same field is entitled to get a salary up to 25-30 k per month, respectively.

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