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Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is the choice of thousands of students across India . Doctors are respected professionals in the society. The demand for quality doctors in India is ever increasing. Additionally, the lucrative job options available with the profession is a stimulating factor for students being lured towards the medical field. The kind of respect and position which doctors garner in the society is non-comparable.

With the fast paced lifestyles in current times, the invitations of ailments and diseases is increasing. This necessitates the presence of efficient doctors for curing the large population in India. The roles of doctors have reached newer dimensions and their need has also increased manifolds. The stressful lives which people lead daily due to work pressures is taking a toll on their health. This eventually leads to health issues which need to be taken care of by the doctors.

Due to the high population, the demand for doctors in India is never ending. The expectancy of life is increasing, thereby increasing the requirement of doctors. However, the rigorous training which the doctors need to undergo before obtaining their degrees is worth mentioning. Considering the huge role that doctors play in the lives of people, the training has to be competent enough to match the demands. This need for quality training is fulfilled by medical colleges in India.

The medical colleges present in India comprise of highly experienced medical professionals who are adept with the latest developments in the health care industry across the globe. The quality of training imparted in these medical colleges is of the highest standards. Students graduating from these colleges are groomed in all the aspects of medicine. They pass out of college as responsible individuals who have the core basis of serving the society by using the knowledge gained in colleges. Some of the graduates serve people at the large pool of quality hospitals present in India, while some start their individual practice. Irrespective of the mode through which the doctors serve the society, they are in a profession that has noble intentions.

We are providing you with the list of medical colleges in India segregated according to the different states in India.

A career in medicine is not only rewarding in terms of the monetary gains, it also provides the satisfaction of being associated with a noble cause of curing the diseases affecting people. Due to the sensitivity of the profession, aspiring doctors need to be trained thoroughly, as this job requires perfection. On account of this, all the medical colleges in India strive continuously for staying co-ordinated with the latest research and developments in the medical field. The list of colleges mentioned above will help you in making a choice of medical college which suits your requirements.

Following is the list of medical colleges in India. All medical colleges are divided into their states. To view medical colleges in a particular state click on the link of that state. The number of medical colleges in any particular state is mentioned in front of the link. If you know of some medical college in India which is missing from our list below, please do let us know by sending a mail to medical-college _at_
Please note that the list of medical colleges in India compiled above is correct from our knowledge. If you see any error in medical degree or the address of the medical college of institute, please do let us know. This list is provided only for personal use.

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