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Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University is located in Bath, England. The institution was previously known as Bath Spa University and Bath College of Higher Education. The university has many campuses of which two are historically significant and exceptionally beautiful. The university offers undergraduate degrees, pre-degree study and postgraduate degrees in a broad range of programmes.

It is a teaching-led university with the focus on teaching of the highest quality. The aim of the university is to deliver excellent teaching to fervent students who are committed to achieve their academic potential. There is stimulus learning environment at the university, which helps students to study their subjects thoroughly. It offers various facilities and learning resources across the School of Humanities and Cultural Industries, School of Music and Performing Arts and Bath School of Art and Design.

The university offers a wide range of courses, which are designed to provide high standard education. Students are given various opportunities to prepare well for the jobs market. It is made sure that students have transferable skills with practical experience in the related field. Students are provided top quality careers advice as well. The university has close links with local employers to get placements for students. The staff members at Bath Spa are actively engaged in scholarship and research that directly informs their teaching.

There are many students from across the world with a wide range of cultures and social backgrounds to form an educational community. The university provides an exciting opportunity to study various subjects and supports to candidates regardless of their caste, creed and religion. The university has formed partnership with various regional colleges. The Wessex Partnership Colleges students are capable of taking vocationally-based foundation degrees. There are many colleges come under the partnership including BIMM Bristol, Circomedia, Bridgwater College, City of Bath College, New College, Swindon, City of Bristol College, Norton Radstock College, Wiltshire College and Weston College.

The university offers students various sports facilities. It has a Rugby Football Club. It organizes various sports and encourages student to participate in many games. The university lays emphasis upon students' all round development.

Bath Spa University provides various facilities to international students. They have access to libraries, students' union, computer facilities, cafeterias, shops, medical services, student welfare support and career services. The university provides common room to international students. The common room houses a kitchen, comfortable seating and entertainment system and stocks a broad range of language support materials.

Bath Spa is a university where teaching students is given the utmost priority and they are treated as individuals. The university provides students a professional and comprehensive support system to help them with financial, academic and personal issues. Bath Spa aims to offer challenging, fulfilling and distinctive university experience that allows students to embark on their future careers with confidence and success.

Courses Offered by Bath Spa University

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