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London School of Economics

The London School of Economics (LSE) is situated in London and specializes in social studies and economics. It is a constituent college of the Federal University of London and the other name of it is London School of Economics and Political Science. This public research university was founded in 1895 by members of the Fabian Society, viz. Sidney Webb, Beatrice Webb and George Bernard Shaw. LSE joined the University of London in 1900 and started issuing degrees from 1902 onwards. The LSE does not concentrate only on the subject that is a part of its name. It has a wide scope of conducting teachings and research in the field of social sciences including accounting and finance, economics, geography, history, social policy, sociology, anthropology and so on. These subjects are taught within 19 departments and other number of interdisciplinary institutes.

Given below are some of the major programs offered by LSE:

  • Undergraduate Degree Programs - Such as BSc, BA, LLB etc. these three year courses are classified as first degree programs which offer intellectual training in a broad range of subjects. Social questions are solved seeking different approaches.

  • Graduate Degree Programs - These graduate degree programs include teaching as well as research. Degree programs include Diploma, M.Sc, MA, MPM, LLM, etc. The degrees are one or two years long and concentrate on academic analysis combined with practical exposure, in order to develop a strong edifice of knowledge. Research includes degrees like MPhil, PhD, etc. These programs are responsible for producing scientists and philosophers who are well versed in social science techniques and methods, and who are well versed in their area of knowledge.

  • International programs from University of London - Such programs include Diploma programs and graduation degrees. Distance learning option is easily available, study material being provided by LSE.

  • Executive Education Programs - Programs such as TRIUM MBA, are tailor made for the corporate and public sector executives.

  • The General Course - For under-graduates pursuing education from non-UK institutions, one year study is offered by LSE.
  • Language Center - English language for the regular academic courses and foreign courses at pre-decided lengths and levels

Location of LSE:

Anyone who chooses to study at LSE gets an opportunity to experience life in the city of London. London being the financial capital of the UK and the LSE situated in central London, just off Aldwych is an added advantage. Students from all over the world come and seek learning from this school. This leads to an exchange of cultures and languages too. Various services are offered by the London School of Economics, such as:

Student Support and Services:

LSE offers a range of services and facilities to the students on the campus, in order to make the overall experience of being with the school rewarding and worth remembering.

  • Student Services Center: This service center is responsible for all the documentation work of the students admitted in the school. Advice is provided about the educational programs undertaken by the school.

  • Help to Disabled students with mental disabilities: A preliminary visit to the school is permitted for such students. Special advisors are allotted to students with mental health problems and other well-being issues.

  • Medical Center: National Health Services are offered to register students who face health issues on the LSE campus. This service is also offered to all overseas students who have spent more than six months on full time courses. They become eligible for all the facilities given to UK residents. Others are asked to maintain private insurance.

  • Others: Other facilities include Nursery for children of students at the school, pastoral care through Chaplaincy, Advice and Counseling programs for male and female students, Student mentoring schemes, Students Union, etc.

London School of Economics is in the process of building a best Student's Center for students all over the world. One such center is scheduled to be completed by March 2013.

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