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University of St. Andrews

The University of Scotland is the first university in Scotland and the third oldest in the United Kingdom. It holds the third position after Oxford and Cambridge. It is the first university of Scotland and the third oldest in the English speaking world. Teaching at the community of St. Andrews actually began in the year 1410 and after the Papal Bull was issued in the year 1413, the University was constituted. For a period of more than six years the university has established itself as Europe's leading centers for teaching and research. More than a quarter of its turnover is gathered through research grants and contracts. The university is always ranked among the first 5 leading independent league tables published by The Times, The Guardian and the Sunday Times. According to the Sunday Times, St. Andrews, as it is commonly known is a firmly established alternative with a leading multi-faculty to Oxford and Cambridge. It is Scotland's most sought after cosmopolitan universities with a body comprising of more than 7,200 overseas students. The university has a staff of more than 1800 people specialized in various fields. In a span of four years, it has entered the records of the UK National Student Survey.

Choosing the right kind of studies:

Part-time or Full-time study:

The university offers a flexible option to the students who seek admission in the university. Most students prefer to apply thorough UCAS for full time studies whereas an increasing number of students are applying for part time courses. These part-time courses can be done either in the evening or during daytime. There are a wide range of subjects to be chosen from and each Academic school has a website assigned which provides information about different subjects. A student can choose a particular faculty which will determine his/her degree at the end of the academic year. The faculty is determined by two factors, viz. the type of qualification already possessed by the student and the nature of the degree of course that the student proposes to follow.

Post-graduation study:

All the post-graduation programs for research and masters start in the month of September. Applications are required to be sent one year prior to the start of the course. Applications which are based on scholarship are advised to be sent at the earliest. Further information about the application procedure and the faculty requirement can be taken from the school leaflets and web pages. Applicants who are interested in pursuing their career in research should thoroughly apply to work with an individual supervisor or group of supervisors.

Non-Degrees Studies:

Under this portal, a wide range of studies and courses are offered through different media. There is an Open Association which undertakes evening coaching classes, day schools and crash courses. Evening Language Teaching courses are tendered by the university throughout the academic year. Each program lasts for ten weeks and caters to all levels of students. Languages such as Arabic, Mandarin, French, Gaelic (Scottish), German, Italian, etc are taught under these programs. The timetable and the schedule for these sessions are set up on the website of the university.

Exchange and study programs abroad:

A team which handles Student Recruitment and Admission abroad is based in St. Katherine's West on The Scores. This team provides all the administrative assistance to the students moving abroad, including services to the schools, credit help to students of the university and so on.


The library of the university provides a wide range of informative material on different subjects. It has a huge database in order to provide guidance and management on the subjects chosen by the students. The library is in the process of expansion as a part of various development plans.

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