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University of York

The University of York, also known as York University, was founded in the year 1963. The University has about 11,000 students studying in different study and research departments. There are more than 30 educational and academic departments in the university. It is ranked as one of the top research institutions in the UK. The university houses eight important colleges, viz. Alcuin, Derwent, Goodricke, James, Halifax, Langwith, Wentworth and Vanbrugh. Every student of the university is a member of one of these colleges. The University of York is based in Helsington, in York. Former director-general of the BBC, Mr. Greg Dyke is the Chancellor of the university. The university offers 189 courses in different fields of study; and help to various study programs is offered through centers, or online help also can be sought. It has also been ranked as one of the best universities in the quality of research fields like science, social science and humanities.

Studies at University of York:

Admissions: Admissions are given to the students for achieving bachelor's, master's degrees or doctorate degrees. This can be done through online help, distance learning or even through all those study centers globally. The university also provides flexible study models so that the students can earn their degree as per their own schedule and other commitments. The mission of the university is to provide education and knowledge about research and other professional skills to the students and candidates. It aims at increasing the productivity, leadership and its services to the community. Therefore, it has emphasized on online applications.

Campus Learning: Real classroom learning experience is provided to all the working professionals and students. Such campus based programs prove useful as student interaction and help from professional staff make learning all the more easy. Also, there is less amount of distraction, and concentration is at an all time high through campus education. The lectures are of short durations, so the students get enough time to sort out their queries with the instructors and peers. The small classes with limited students increase foster teamwork and student attention too. It also harbors a safe place to hold debates, discussions, practices, place new ideas and build communication skills. Projects and assignments can be easily completed through mutual help and collaborations. A combination of campus learning and online learning can also be opted for. This can be done through appropriate counseling.

Online Verification Service: Online verification service is available for employers, students, government bodies, employment agencies and so on. This online system saves time and secures data privacy. It also eliminates the complications and delays of the manual system and thereby minimizes errors. The facility is available 24*7 and is completely web based. Multiple verifications can be done in one quick session and the automated process offers accurate information. A complete summary of information that has been fed online is available. Those providing false information can be easily identified through online verification.

Scholarships: The University of York offers international scholarships of up to 50% on the tuition fees to all the students local or abroad.

Research at the University of York:

The RAE (Research Assessment Exercise) has confirmed the University of York as one of the leading research universities. All the research activities that are carried out at the university are recognized internationally. It has been consistently ranked as the top 10 research universities and has received funds of over 200 million. The university works with many public, private and third sector units for its research activities.

The university has its own department of language and linguistic sciences and also provides facilities like the library and archives. The university's degree of computer science is well known.

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