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Education in India, Career in India: Video Editing

Looking for a Career Options as a video editing ? This section features video editing as a career options, elaborated with reference to the job profile, personality traits required, the courses and training involved, premier institutions and future prospects.

For the creative people in entertainment industry and media, the video editing is very exciting career. The editing technique contains art making, aesthetic in the visual media, etc. Video editing is one of the process in which segments of videos are modified or rearranged from many video tapes for forming the advanced and final video. In post production process, video editing plays very important role. The task of video shooting is to edit film, soundtrack and video for the motioning the picture, cable and the broadcasting the media industries. Skill of video editor decides the quality and delivery of product.

Linear editing and non-linear or digital video editing are the types of Video Editing. For enabling the editing processes on screen, computer technology is used in digital video editing. Just copy the portion of film from one tape to another tape in linear editing. The changes or additions which are required are made just by copying the content which are edited on the another tape which causes unwanted degradation of the images. In case of non-linear editing, audio or video data are firstly captured on the hard disk or any digital device and after that they are edited on the computer using any software's obtainable for editing.

In video editing, data can be edited without duplicating the actual film. As compared with other editing techniques, this technique is less expensive, quicker, time saving, very flexible and money saving.

Now days video editors have great demand with the beginning of streaming the movie or video clips in the websites. This field is very competitive; editors may expect eager competition for the job opening. For the internet users, popularity of online video clips is increased and also produces the video editing activities.

Personality Traits

Video editor has the qualities such as self motivation, dedication to work and commitment to the work. The main factor of the successful video editor is creativity. They required keen eye for the detail, ability to listen others, a critical mind, and also have ability to perform in a team. Technical and imagination skills are very necessary. They also have the knowledge of digital and simple camera technology. Video editors must update their knowledge as advanced technologies made up day by day.


  • Editworks School of Mass Communication, Noida
  • Fortune Institute of Communication and Television, (Delhi)
  • Sri Aurobindo Institute Of Mass Communication, New Delhi, (Delhi)
  • Fortune Institute of Communication and Television at New Delhi,
  • Bihar Institute of Film and Television at Patna
  • Film & Television Institute Of India, Pune, (Maharashtra)
  • Film & Television Institute Of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, (Tamil Nadu)
  • Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata, (West Bengal)
  • C-DIT (Centre for Development of Imaging Technology), Thiruvananthapuram(Kerala)
  • Framework Academy of Cinema and Television, Pune, (Maharashtra)

Placements And Prospects

Video editing is open to all. For entering in this field, no any particular qualification is necessary. But for getting good job, one of video editing course should be complete, such as Diploma in video editing. Non-linear editing courses are diploma in sound recording and video editing. Certification courses are Post Graduate Diploma in the Post Production, Diploma in the Film Editing etc. These courses are useful for the students for getting knowledge of editing.

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